Edge AI camera range extended by IDIS

Edge AI camera - IDIS

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IDIS has broadened its selection of edge AI cameras, presenting an opportunity for its diverse customer base to capitalise on cutting-edge deep learning video analytics.

This expansion includes nine new models which aim to address the specific needs of various settings, including commercial establishments, public spaces and perimeters, with the primary goal of mitigating the inconvenience caused by false alarms.

AI camera to enable precise analytics

The advanced AI capabilities of these cameras enable precise analytics placement, ensuring optimal utilisation.

The distinguishing feature of the new IDIS Edge AI range lies in its ability to accurately discern between vehicles, humans and other objects.

This not only minimises false alarms but also enhances the overall responsiveness and operational efficiency of security teams.

By incorporating metadata, these cameras facilitate faster forensic search and investigation, further bolstering their role in advancing security measures.

The plug and play cameras, compliant with NDAA regulations, come equipped with the IDIS Deep Learning Engine on the edge, boasting up to 98% accuracy.

This setup ensures precise and reliable detection, along with automated tracking of suspicious individuals and vehicles.

The result is a swift response to alerts related to intrusion, line crossing and loitering events.

Innovative surveillance solutions

The company has introduced nine new models, including 2MP and 5MP bullets, domes and turrets.

The models feature advanced technologies such as NIR Lightmaster for exceptional image capture in low light, true WDR, H.265 and IDIS Intelligent Codec for substantial storage and bandwidth savings.

These models also include alarm and audio capabilities, IK10 and IP67 ratings, IDIS Smart Failover, ONVIF support and outdoor variants with built-in heaters.

A highlight: The 4MP Edge AI PTZ (DC-S6481HRA)

Featuring 36x zoom, automated or manual AI tracking, and night vision up to 400 meters, this standout camera is designed for securing expansive areas, critical applications and perimeter protection.

Unique tracking options

Operators can choose between two tracking options for suspicious individuals or objects:

  • Automated tracking: Personalised pre-set events using IDIS Deep Learning Analytics
  • Manual tracking: Cost-free client software, IDIS Centre VMS, by simply selecting a person of interest with a mouse click

Both options ensure seamless and accurate tracking over long distances, utilising the power of AI for more efficient and error-resistant surveillance operations, ultimately enhancing overall security and safety.

“Significantly extended”

Dennis Choi, General Manager, IDIS Middle East & Africa remarked: “With these latest innovative launches, our range of edge AI cameras has been significantly extended to include models for the widest range of surveillance applications and challenges.

“Together these new cameras, powered by the up to 98% accurate IDIS Deep Learning Engine, make it easy for systems integrators and end-users to add transformative video analytics capabilities to any surveillance operation to improve response times to critical events and increase operational efficiency.”

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