Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS enhanced to support body temperature measurement


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Eagle Eye Networks, the global provider of cloud video surveillance, has announced enhancements to the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System for full support of dual spectrum cameras used in elevated temperature detection. Interest in the use of dual spectrum cameras with integrated analytics for locating faces and measuring temperature has greatly increased amongst Eagle Eye Resellers as they look for tools to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The Eagle Eye Cloud Video platform has always supported a large range of thermal cameras, however, some newer thermal cameras, that claim higher accuracy, operate simultaneously in the visible spectrum and the thermal spectrum. They combine information from both spectrums to obtain temperature readings more accurately on the human face. These cameras output specific analytic information which has been integrated into the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. It is now simple to operationalise the deployment of these advanced cameras, view them remotely, record them to the cloud and receive notifications when temperature setpoints are exceeded.

“The quick support for this advanced thermal technology, hosted on the Eagle Eye Video API Platform, demonstrates the future proof nature of this service. Integration of new technologies, new cameras and new capabilities are core to our open cloud platform. This is a great example of being able to rapidly deliver a solution, in response to an unexpected situation, with a technology that could prove to be very important. This is only possible with an open cloud platform,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is built on the Eagle Eye Video API Platform making integration of new technologies like this quick and straightforward. Eagle Eye has completed this integration, however, given the open nature of the Eagle Eye Video Platform, anyone could have done it.

Eagle Eye has tested and integrated a series of thermal cameras at diverse price points, all with varying levels of accuracy. Some of the more accurate cameras utilise a blackbody calibration unit in the field of view to provide a temperature reference point.

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS support for Dual Spectrum Camera Elevated Temperature Measurement is available immediately. There is no additional cost for this support.

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS is fully integrated with the access control systems, such as Brivo Access, which can connect the temperature measurements to the names of people entering the building.

To view the integration, please visit https://www.een.com/eagle-eye-cloud-vms-thermal-monitoring-cameras

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