Dubai Electronic Security Centre to release ISR Version 3.0

Dubai Electronic Security Centre

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Information Security Regulation (ISR) Version 3.0 is set to be launched by the Dubai Electronic Security Centre (DESC).

Version 3.0 builds on the previous edition (ISR Version 2.0) and features new enhancements.

“A powerful tool for achieving our strategic objectives”

According to Zawya, the Regulation highlights best practices in information security which should be adopted across Dubai Government entities.

Furthermore, the Regulation outlines the specific requirements for information security controls, aimed at guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information managed within these entities.

“As Dubai and the UAE continue to make strides in their comprehensive digital transformation plans, we remain committed to our mission to ensure and constantly enhance cybersecurity services in Dubai, bringing them in line with the highest international standards,” said Yousuf Hamad Al Shaibani, CEO, DESC.

“The Information Security Regulation is a powerful tool for achieving our strategic objectives.

“Effective implementation of ISR controls can ensure resilience in dealing with risks to information security, which, in turn, can boost consumer confidence, business performance, productivity and national security.”

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