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Dallmeier to showcase risk mitigation for casinos at WGPC 2020 in Las Vegas


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Dallmeier electronic is “Exclusive Platinum Sponsor” of the WGPC 2020 (World Game Protection Conference) at the Tropicana Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) from 23 to 26 March 2020. There, the company will showcase how casino managers can improve cooperation with regulation authorities, deal with criminal activities proactively and make day-to-day operation much more productive.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of video security and data management in casinos, Dallmeier and its solutions promote secure, smooth casino operations all over the world. In March 2020, the company will attend the 15th WGPC in Las Vegas as Exclusive Platinum Sponsor. The conference deals with current and future challenges of the casino industry, such as compliance with stricter requirements by the regulation authorities or handling criminal behaviour proactively. Dallmeier will present its “Smart Casino Solutions” for security, gaming automation and data management as part of the exhibition (24 and 25 March 2020).

HEMISPHERE SeMSy: Efficient cooperation throughout the casino

The HEMISPHERE open software platform for security and business serves as the focus of the Dallmeier conference presence. In particular, casino operators can use the HEMISPHERE SeMSy solution suite as a “Casino Operating System”: It enables the integration of third-party systems (e.g., CMS, POS, access control) and the display and processing of many different data sources and interfaces. Employees in different departments can use the SeMSy system, wherein individual widgets are enabled for them depending on their tasks to provide them with personalised, function-optimised tools for completing their tasks. Sophisticated system components such as 2D and 3D maps with “Active Elements” or pre-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) guarantee efficient processing and effective cooperation in the event of significant incidents and alarms. In addition, with just a few mouse clicks security personnel can create a “digital incident file” containing videos, notes, reports and other information. As a result, casinos will have no difficulty satisfying compliance requirements imposed both in-house and by external bodies (e.g., regulation authorities).

Panomera camera technology: Comply with regulations and AI process optimisation

Besides extensive requirements in terms of reporting, given the video security technology deployed more and more casinos are also being required to satisfy stricter regulations imposed by the regulation authorities. These include for example an ultra-high 4K resolution on the cameras in the area of the gaming tables, together with an efficient H.265 encoding technology. The Dallmeier “Panomera W” camera series which was unveiled at the end of 2019 supports native H.265 and it also integrates up to eight 4K sensors in one camera system, thus offering operators an unrivalled, undistorted 360° view of all activity on the gaming floor. Dallmeier customers report enormous time savings for their surveillance tasks, such as locating a person of interest in less than three minutes instead of over 20 minutes. Moreover, the definable minimum resolution density of Panomera combined with integrated neural networks enables AI-based video analysis applications. These can be used by marketing analysts, for example, to create heat maps using “crowd analyses”, analyse visitor streams and so make arrangements for more efficient capacity utilisation in all areas of the casino.

Casino Automation Technology (CAT): The next level for table games

Visitors to the conference can also learn about Dallmeier CAT; this is the first automation system for table games (e.g., blackjack) in the world implemented by casinos in a production environment. CAT combines video technology with AI technologies, which enable it to detect chips and cards, provide real-time information about the position and value of bets, game pace, float value and many other analyses. Its benefits range from significantly increased game pace to substantially more effective protection from cheating, even up to precise player rating to improve customer loyalty programs and prevent expensive misjudgements. CAT has already been deployed at over 1,000 gaming tables in Macau and was honoured with the award for “Best New Product” at WGPC 2019.

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