Dallmeier cameras with EIZO IP decoder solutions save cost and effort

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Since the beginning of the year, Dallmeier single sensor cameras are fully integrated with the EIZO IP decoding solutions, helping customers realise completely “client-free” video surveillance solutions.

Less hardware and software

In times past, the transmission of video surveillance images from IP cameras to surveillance monitors was highly labour-intensive. Before the monitor, a PC with corresponding software and peripherals had to be running so that it could output the image signals from the IP camera – this in turn involved additional software licences and more system maintenance and hardware resources. Now, Dallmeier camera users can implement the IP decoder monitor DuraVision FDF2711W-IP and the IP decoder box DuraVision DX0211-IP from EIZO for in use cases with no other video management requirements. The systems from EIZO support all the single sensor cameras in the German manufacturer’s portfolio.

Replacing the VMS system

The EIZO systems are ideal for 24/7 operation in security and surveillance systems and are equipped with a high-performance decoder and a range of video stream management functions which are integrated directly with the firmware. With their assurance of high quality as asserted in the slogan “Made in Germany”, Dallmeier single sensor cameras enjoy a reputation for distinctive image and playback quality even under difficult conditions. When used together, the solution consisting of Dallmeier cameras and the EIZO IP decoder monitor or IP decoder box can be implemented in many different sectors. These include for instance passenger processing at airports, local public transport, gatehouses, care homes, hospitals and many other scenarios. In small environments, the solution can often replace the VMS system entirely, thereby saving still more costs and effort in the delivery of video of images for security personnel and other employees.

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