Dahua Technology upgrades its open application platform


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Dahua Technology, a video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, has upgraded its open application platform by launching Application Marketplace and DHOP Community on its brand new Dahua Hardware Open Platform (DHOP) website.

DHOP is the company´s key initiative to bring together technology partners, system integrators, resellers and end users. By opening its hardware devices to 3rd party developers, DHOP allows them to embed smart applications for the security and IoT industry. Information about the developed solutions is made available on the Dahua Application Marketplace. System integrators and end users can visit the marketplace in search of flexible solutions that adapt to their needs at any given time. It is worth mentioning that, 16 applications have already been uploaded to the application marketplace.

Dahua focuses on analytics

Video analytics solutions at the edge have become of strategic importance for Dahua Technology in the past years. The R&D department has successfully implemented AI functionalities on Dahua cameras, equipped with native VCA solutions. Proof of that know how was this year´s global number one ranking in the MIT Scene Parsing Benchmark.

Peter Pan, Global Technology Partner Alliance Director at Dahua Technology, believes that there are no limits on video analytics solutions:“The industries are interested in comprehensive solutions that respond to specific use cases. Dahua Technology wants to listen to the market and add value together with technology partners. This flexibility and customer-oriented approach is possible thanks to our Dahua Hardware Open Platform Community.”

The debut of the platform dates back to 2018. Since then, significant technical adaptations have been made and the camera performances have been optimised. A team of engineers has also managed to enable most of the recent Dahua cameras with 3rd party embedding options and this will be standard in the future.

The Belgium-based video analytics company, ACIC was one of the DHOP partners. Christophe Parisot, Chief Technology Officer of ACIC, looks back on this partnership.

“ACIC is a global player in the VCA solutions sector. Our solutions, based on classic image analysis coupled with artificial intelligence, are at the cutting edge of technology. Our customers entrust us to provide their projects with ACIC´s cost-effective solutions of various verticals embedded on Dahua cameras. Being part of the Dahua Hardware Open Platform Community gives us the chance to build the security industry together with Dahua.”

Further information can be found on the DHOP website: https://depp.dahuasecurity.com/OpenPlatform

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