Dahua updates WizSense to expand AI inclusivity

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Dahua Technology has recently unveiled its updated WizSense – a series of AI products and complete end-to-end solutions based on deep learning that focus on humans and vehicles. It benefits users with intelligent functions, simple configuration and inclusive products. Compared to its previous version, the updated WizSense offers upgraded features that will surely transform regular monitoring to a whole new level.

SMD 3.0

The SMD 3.0 –an upgraded version of SMD Plus –offers elevated functions that surpassed expectations. Based on standard test scenarios, it can effectively filter out irrelevant targets such as animals, leaves, light, etc., providing an improved detection accuracy rate of 99% for both human and vehicle. It also offers a longer detection distance of 25 metres (2.8mm fixed focal camera). This amazing feature is currently available on IPC, with plans to expand on different product lines in the future.

Active Deterrence

The Active Deterrence function allows the device to deter and warn off intruders in time to avoid incidents from happening. It generates real-time push notifications that shows the trigger type (human or vehicle) and enables users to easily verify alarms through captured videos. In addition, it is also equipped with a built-in mic, siren and warning light. Compared to the traditional white light of the previous version, WizSense products now offer a striking red and blue light that flashes when a target has been detected.

In addition, the updated WizSense also includes a Time-sharing Monitoring function, which allows users to preset positions of the camera based on time tasks to monitor different areas during different periods. In a retail shop scenario for example, a PTZ camera (e.g., PTZ SD3A series) can actively monitor the main area of the establishment during day time and automatically switch to the entrance during non-business hours. When the alarm has been triggered, it will then warn off intruders using its Active Deterrence function.

Two-way Talk

Similar to the previous version, the updated WizSense also features a Two-way Talk function that allows users to communicate with the detected target through the DMSS app or PC client. It also allows users to create a 10-second customised voice audio, which can be used as greetings, reminders, warnings, etc. when a target has been detected by the camera.

One Click Arming/Disarming

This function is a newly added feature and one of the highlights of this product update. Through the DMSS mobile app or NVR/XVR UI, users can activate both the siren and warning light of the camera at the same time with just a single click of a button, providing great convenience and ease of use.

Other premium features

The updated WizSense carries out intelligent functions from the previous version. Its Perimeter Protection allows users to draw tripwire or intrusion rules on the monitored scene, which automatically sends alarm push notification to users once triggered. It also offers Face Recognitionwith up to 95% accuracy and <1s recognition speed. After an event, users can utilise the Image Search and Face Attribute Search functions to locate the person of interest quickly without the need to review massive amounts of video footage. Moreover, based on CBR (Constant Bit Rate), its AI Coding dynamically allocates bit rate, providing clear target images while saving more than 50% bandwidth and storage space compared with H.265. It also does not lose its compatibility when integrated with third party players or platforms.

Furthermore, with the company’s ISO/IEC 27701 certification from British Standards Institution (BSI), WizSense complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27701:2019 in privacy protection.

Featuring the aforementioned functions, the updated WizSense can be deployed in a wide-range of application scenarios such as private villas, retail shops, industrial parks, fish farms, etc., making it an ideal monitoring solution that offers intelligence, simplicity and inclusivity to customers.


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