Dahua surveillance sees success at European logistics hub

Boxes - project by Dahua

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According to Dahua, more than 800 high definition AI surveillance cameras, equipment for 60 access control points and a unified security management system were supplied by the company to a large logistics warehouse in Europe.

In addition, Dahua cameras enabled the installation of a time-lapse video to showcase the construction and fitting out of the warehouse.


According to Dahua, the warehouse management needed a comprehensive surveillance system to monitor logistics processes, detect and deal with abnormal events as early as possible and provide security surveillance and access control throughout the complex.

In particular, they needed a system which could monitor the key areas of the logistics hub such as cargo, sorting, packing, loading and unloading, as well as controlling staff access. In addition, the customer wanted a video record of the entire construction and fitting out of the warehouse, to be used as a reference study for other sites across Europe.


A network of more than 800 HD AI cameras was installed. These include 2MP bullet network cameras, 2MP IR fixed focal dome cameras with WizSense and 2MP Lite AI IP fixed focal bullet cameras. Access control equipment installed includes two-door, two-way access controllers and waterproof RFID readers which support RS485, Wiegand 34, Mifare and EM-ID.

Also supplied by Dahua was a DSS Pro V8 VMS, providing scalable, reliable, powerful and flexible central management of the entire system.


The company says that the management of the logistics warehouse are now able to secure the site, control access and – using the AI-enabled cameras – detect and respond to any abnormal events. This ensures that they are able to manage the processes carried out in the logistics hub correctly and efficiently, while enhancing the security of the whole site.

Moreover, the powerful VMS can manage legacy third party devices as well. Finally, the management were able to produce a time-lapse video of the construction and fitting out of the site, which is now being used as a model for other sites. They are also able to produce time-lapse videos of specific processes in the warehouse to be used as case studies.

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