Dahua to release upgraded IVSS with added AI functions

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Dahua Technology is releasing the new upgrade of its intelligent server– theDahua IVSS. The Dahua Intelligent Video Surveillance Server, or simply IVSS, is positioned as a multiple intelligent algorithm server. With its strong computing power and flexibility, it offers multiple algorithm integration as well as innovative, efficient and accurate AI functions.

The Dahua IVSS is equipped with general AI functions that benefit users with optimised monitoring capabilities. Aside from its Face Recognition Blocklist Alarm, VIP Recognition and Stranger Alarm, this series now features High Frequency Alarm –a newly added function that can recognise the frequency of targets in the monitored scene. Dahua IVSS devices also supportIVS based on target type(human and vehicle), which filters out irrelevant targets such as leaves, animals, lights, etc. With its upgraded algorithm, it provides a higher detection accuracy rate and supports new functions such as Loitering Detection, Parking Detection and Crowd Gathering Estimation.

What’s more, the Video Metadata function of this equipment supports a number of attributes for human face, human body, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle. Besides its typical Metadata Search function, the Dahua IVSS can also extract metadata from normal video recordings stored in XVR or NVR devices and subsequently run AI Search to quickly locate targets. Moreover, this upgraded series now offers Video Metadata Linkage that can trigger the alarm when the target’s metadata does not meet the preset conditions/rules. For example, if wearing a face mask is set as a rule, the alarm will be triggered when someone who is not wearing a face mask has been detected. Based on metadata, the Dahua IVSS can also perform backend ANPR, which is a significant upgrade from the frontend ANPR usually done by cameras.

In addition to basic AI, industrial AI functions are also featured in Dahua IVSS devices. It includes Smart Video Compression that provides higher computing accuracy and can distinguish specific targets in the scene compared to traditional intelligent algorithms. With a compression ratio of 78%-99%*, this AI function significantly reduces bandwidth by up to 99%* and reduces upgrading costs. This series can also detect helmet wearing in a site through its Helmet Detection function, boasting an accuracy rate of over 95%*. Its Outdoor Parking Space Detection function provides over 94%* accuracy rate in detecting available parking spaces in an outdoor scenario. Other industrial AI functions include Fire Detection, Smoking Detection, Uniform Detection, Garbage Overflow Detection and Animal Detection. Aside from Dahua’s own algorithm, it can also run third-party algorithm through the Dahua Open Platform (DHOP), solving more pain points of customers.

Moreover, the strong and scalable Computing capability of the upgraded Dahua IVSS can utilise up to 16 AI chips. For Storage and Data Security, this series allows access to up to 256 channels, provides up to 768Mbps storage bandwidth and supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10. Its Decoding capacity is up to 24ch@1080P. It offers max. 36 splits in one window, allows up to four HDMI outputs per device with different sources and supports mouse roaming between different scenes.

Furthermore, the Dahua IVSS allows seamless AI upgrading of old systems and is compliant with ONVIF/RTSP, making it compatible with third-party cameras. By providing AI computing to VMS through SDK, it also supports integration with third-party VMS.

* Based on standard testing environment (different testing environments might produce different accuracy rates).


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