Dahua enhances Cloud Network Solution

Cloud Network Solution

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Dahua Technology has upgraded its integrated, quick, efficient and secure network solution – the Dahua Cloud Network Solution.

The solution integrates CCTV and IT networks into one platform, offers easy network setup, provides auto-generated network topology and rich management features as well as 24/7 network security.

This enables easy configuration and maintenance and addresses users’ scenario-based security needs.

Integrated CCTV and IT networks

This intelligent solution integrates all network products including network switch, wireless access point, enterprise router and wireless bridge into the DoLynk Care, a cloud-based platform that can also manage IPC, PTZ, NVR, XVR, Alarm, Video intercom and other devices.

It is a comprehensive solution that combines both CCTV and IT networks, saving deployment and maintenance costs.

In addition, this solution is also compatible with third party devices which are displayed on the network topology with icons, MAC address and other relevant information.

Easy and fast network setup

With this solution, devices can be easily added by simply scanning a QR Code via the mobile app or do Single/Batch Device Import on the web platform.

Users can also scan the QR code of the Controller to connect all network devices to the cloud network.

What’s more, its integration with DoLynk Care enables automatic generation of corresponding topology based on identified devices in the network.

It supports remote configuration of device functions, including reboot, upgrade, back up, restore, STP, VLAN, link aggregation, loop protection, etc.

It also allows password-free jumping from the cloud to the device’s WEB to operate more advanced functions.

Efficient maintenance

The data dashboard of the cloud platform shows the graphical data of the real time status of connected devices in the network.

It supports one click health diagnosis that can check all devices and provide professional troubleshooting guides with just a single click of a button.

It also offers real time alarms that immediately notifies the operator when an error occurs.

Users also have an option to allow installers to deliver the device to them, or entrust their system to a professional operator for maintenance.

24/7 network security

Each added device has unique encryption key to ensure safety when accessing the cloud network.

This solution also implements secure transmission protocol such as TLS network communication security protocol for data encryption and SHA256 for highly secure cryptographic hash algorithm, guaranteeing reliable protection against brute-force attacks.

An effective portal authentication is also in place in order to identify and verify users in the network, which greatly enhances network security and reliability.

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