Dahua digital intelligence used in China’s Yunnan Province to protect against fires

Dahua digital intelligence forest fires China Yunnan Province

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Security technology manufacturer Dahua has been developing and installing systems at forest areas in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China to help detect illegal fires.

The company has been deploying its innovative solutions in the region since 2020 and has successfully detected over 500 illegal uses of fire in the wild whilst also thwarting seven forest fire cases.

Three years ago, forest areas across the province were estimated to cover 1.855 million hectares.

Multiple round-the-clock patrol points were set up to monitor and observe the surrounding forest areas 24/7, with three people in each shift (changing every three days). With the help of modern technology, diligent Forest Rangers could complete their tasks.

“Burning straws, cooking fires etc. are all common wild fires, but even seemingly insignificant areas can become the source of forest fires,” a local Ranger said.

The dual-spectrum thermal imaging cameras deployed in the forest enables the fire prevention video monitoring system to complete an automatic cruising round in just 15 minutes. Based on visible light and thermal imaging technology, it can detect a fire source about two square metres within a range of five to ten kilometres.

In case of a sudden fire, quickly locating the source of the fire can add more significant time for firefighting. Technologies enable the smart system to detect a fire, quickly locate the fire source and automatically send an alarm to on-duty personnel.


Extinguishing forest fires requires full cooperation of the frontline and the command centre. The command centre quickly communicates with the frontline about firefighting strategies based on the actual fire situation.

The visual forest fire prevention video monitoring system synchronously displays real time images in the monitoring centre – this enables operators to check and assess the situation in time and quickly deal with the fire according to the corresponding plan.

A Dahua Technical Engineer explained: “The mountain area is large and widely spread. Sometimes, there’s even no mobile phone signal. In order to allow the command centre to see the scene in time, we also built a wireless transmission with front-end equipment.

“The smart system covers all the video points in the forest and sends forest fire information back to the command centre in real time.”

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