Cybersecurity jobs top list of fastest-growing roles in Saudi Arabia


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Cybersecurity specialists, talent acquisition experts and back end developers are among the fastest-growing jobs in Saudi Arabia, according to new data from global professional networking firm LinkedIn.

The pandemic, digitalisation and a slew of new government policies in the region have all impacted the list published by the company this year, which reveals that a staggering nine in ten MENA professionals feel confident in their current role. This increased confidence is in turn driving a desire among the workforce to change jobs, with 72% of professionals in KSA considering a switch this year.

Skills such as network security and user interface design are also some of the fastest growing skills in the region, as technology continues to hold center stage in the region’s agenda.

Ali Matar, head of LinkedIn MENA and EMEA Venture Markets said: “A staggering eight in ten professionals in the UAE and KSA are considering changing their jobs.

“This is part of a larger global trend that has also seen companies revamp policies and benefits to not just hire, but also retain quality talent.

“Candidates are being increasingly selective about the organisations they choose to apply for — citing flexibility, compensation and company culture as critical factors.”

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