Increase your connectivity with Altronix’s NetWay Spectrum Series


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Altronix NetWay Spectrum Series provides long distance and standardised DC power to myriad security and surveillance edge devices – greatly increasing the potential for connectivity and power to be delivered to remote devices anywhere.

Every IP device from cameras to Wi-Fi access points requires copper or fibre optic cabling to provide IP data connectivity and copper cabling to power the device, Altronix NetWay Spectrum Series allows for deployment of increased security and communications at lower costs over greater distances. While the 100m maximum distance for UTP Ethernet hasn’t changed since the late ‘80s, great strides have been made in increasing the range using fibre optic cables. Fibre can provide great distances for 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections, with 50-micron OM3 laser optimised fibre links rated for up to 550 metres (1,804 feet) by the IEEE PoE standards. Single-mode links can readily connect devices at distances over 3,280 feet from the head-end to the remote device. 

Altronix NetWay Spectrum Series

Altronix NetWay Spectrum Series takes fibre and power to a new level. Indoor and outdoor models include hardened PoE switches optimised with LiFePO4 battery backup and multi-port media converters with or without integral power. Units can be deployed with conventional single or multi-mode fibre…or composite cable which combines fibre with copper to simultaneously deliver power and data. Altronix NetWay Spectrum Series is the perfect solution to deploy IP devices at remote locations with or without local power, as well as convert copper to fibree with or without local power.

Additionally, the Altronix NetWay Spectrum Series includes embedded LINQ Network Management Technology to remotely monitor, control and report power/diagnostics – streamlining service and maintenance operations by leveraging the network. A built-in timer can reset devices automatically on a schedule.

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