Camden unveils new series of strikes

series of strikes

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Camden Door Controls has unveiled its newest series of strikes.

According to Camden, its CX-ED1689L and CX-ED1799L Grade 1 fire rated electric strikes for mortise and cylindrical locksets offer exceptional strike quality and features.

The new series of strikes are also said to offer the value of built-in latch monitoring and ‘universal’ performance.

CX-ED1689L & CX-ED1799L

CX-ED1689L is a low profile Grade 1 fire rated strike with latch and strike monitor switches included.

CX-ED1799L is a Grade 1 fire rated strike with dual lock monitors and strike monitor switches included.

The strikes come with four/eight stainless steel faceplates, respectively.

They also feature field selectable voltage (12/24V, AC/ DC) as well as fail safe or fail secure operation and are non-handed.

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