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Calipsa provides Obsidian Energy with video analytics and alarm-filtering tools


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Calipsa has announced Canada’s Obsidian Energy is using its deep-learning Calipsa Pro Analytics video platform to reduce false alarms by 95% while providing other benefits to elevate overall security and operational intelligence.

Obsidian Energy is a publicly traded oil and gas company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Obsidian, with almost 250 employees and contractors, is an intermediate-sized company producing around 25,000 barrels of oil daily. The company provides critical infrastructure and energy requiring its security team to prepare for and prevent threats against Obsidian’s people, property and assets.

Calipsa Pro Analytics’ four advanced tiers – Detect, Detect Pro, Protect and Investigate –provide customers with customised forensic analysis, real-time camera health checks and false alarm filtering to weed out harmless events triggered by nuisance factors such as lighting, weather or foliage. False alarm reduction enables Obsidian’s security team to minimise response times to genuine threats and increase overall security operations.

“We’re looking to Calipsa’s analytics platform to bolster the security efficiency and effectiveness of our operations,” said Shane Kidd, Obsidian’s Manager of Automation. “Calipsa’s platform provides a critical layer of intelligent video surveillance analytics enabling our security team to focus on managing real events, if and when they occur – while avoiding alarm fatigue.”

Tara Biglari, director of North American Sales at Calipsa, adds, “We are thrilled to start working with Obsidian Energy. Their team has chosen Calipsa’s video analytics because they see a strong value in adding to their operational business intelligence. I’m looking forward to working closely with the team to achieve great results.”

Click here to learn more about how U.K. based Calipsa and its video analytic platform can make any security operations center or central station more effective and cost-efficient.

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