Bandweaver introduces state-of-the-art Horizon 10 Distributed Acoustic Sensing System


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Due to popular demand, Bandweaver has announced the release of the Horizon 10km Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) system. The company has received a number of requests from customers for a DAS product in this range variant and with its commitment to supporting the customer at the core of its business, Bandweaver is proud to be able to expand its portfolio to offer broader choice for customers. Users can expect the same full functionality of the existing range, including one and two channel configurations, as well as a Deep Neural Network (DNN) artificial intelligence, providing an improved performance through responsive, dynamic machine learning.

This system is perfect for perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) for longer range perimeters; these could include airports and other large industrial complexes. The new Horizon 10 is well suited for short to medium length pipelines for third party intrusion (TPI) detection as well as leak detection. For those specifying security solutions for critical power cables, including fault location in addition to protection from third party interference, (such as damage due to unauthorised construction) then Horizon 10 is the ideal solution.

Alongside this new variant, Bandweaver has taken this opportunity to rename and reclassify the existing product range so that customers can more quickly ascertain the number of channels and the radial range of each unit. The company wanted to provide more clarity to customers by taking a more logical, structured approach. For those who source solutions across its entire portfolio, these new names are also more consistent with the naming conventions of the Bandweaver range of DTS.

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