AxxonSoft: Distinctive solutions and a visionary VMS outlook


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AxxonSoft’s Arthur Kull discusses the company’s competitive strengths and perspectives on VMS.

Can you tell us more about AxxonSoft?

AxxonSoft is a global software development company that offers VMS, PSIM, cloud solutions (VSaaS) and inhouse-designed customisable AI video analytics.

Our mission is to lead in intelligent and innovative networked physical security software, services and solutions globally.

We are driven by a dedication to deliver exceptional value and quality to customers, earning their respect and loyalty.

We strive to foster an environment that empowers employees to thrive and grow worldwide.

Our impressive achievements include pioneering a revolutionary video codec, developing an advanced smart search for recorded video and spearheading advancements in AI, comprehensive integration and cloud solutions.

Throughout our journey, innovation has remained our driving force, with four key directions shaping our focus: Unification, cloud, AI video analytics and intelligent search.

AxxonSoft specialises in intelligent physical security software, services and solutions.

Our cutting-edge video management software, AxxonOne, with AI-driven analytics, empowers businesses and organisations to proactively safeguard assets, people and operations.

Our solutions matter because they address the need for security measures in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

By leveraging latest technologies, we provide our customers with the means to detect, prevent and mitigate security risks efficiently.

Through our dedication to constant innovation and customer-centricity, we aim to create safer environments for everyone, bolstering peace of mind for our clients while enabling them to focus on core business objectives.

We understand that security is not a one-size-fits-all approach and our solutions cater to the requirements of industries and organisations, contributing to a safer, more secure global community.

What specific problem does your company solve?

AxxonSoft addresses challenges with advanced AI-powered security and video analytics solutions.

Our versatile offerings support on-premises servers and seamless camera connectivity, along with cloud solutions for remote access.

With a perpetual licensing model, our AI analytics streamline security operations, ensuring long term value for customers.

One of our advantages lies in being vendor-agnostic for cameras, allowing compatibility with various camera brands without relying on edge analytics.

This flexibility reduces infrastructure constraints and simplifies the implementation process, making our solutions scalable and easily deployable.

How can partners earn revenue by working with you?

AxxonSoft empowers partners to generate revenue through our comprehensive security solutions.

Our collaboration with distributors, integrators and sales representatives enables the delivery of cutting-edge video management software featuring AI-driven analytics.

An advantage for our partners is the ability to offer tailored solutions, as we develop our products in-house.

This flexibility ensures solutions precisely match project requirements, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We provide comprehensive support throughout every stage of the project, from initial design and proof of concept to full deployment and beyond.

We believe in fostering strong, long lasting relationships with our partners, which is why we offer unwavering assistance from the very beginning to ensure project success.

Moreover, our flexible licensing gives partners a competitive advantage.

For example, a security solutions provider partnered with us to enhance its portfolio with cutting-edge video management software.

As we are vendor agnostic, our solutions seamlessly integrated with its clients’ diverse camera systems.

Moreover, our AI analytics and incident notification system greatly enhanced its security operations.

With our flexible licensing options that eliminated certain recurring fees, the provider could offer cost-effective solutions to a wider customer base.

The partnership resulted in an expanded and improved security offering for the provider.

The integration capabilities, AI analytics and incident notification system brought significant value to its clients, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a broader market reach.

What questions do you ask partners to get the conversation started?

Can you share insights into your current portfolio of security solutions and the industries you primarily serve?

What are your clients’ key security challenges and pain points that you aim to address through partnerships?

How important is seamless integration and compatibility with existing camera systems for your clients?

What level of customisation or tailormade solutions do you typically seek to provide your clients?

Are there specific AI-driven analytics or incident notification features that your clients prioritise in their security operations?

What are your views on current industry trends and market research?

At AxxonSoft, we consider AI analytics, cloud-based solutions and unification as the main trends shaping the future of the security industry.

As a forward thinking company, we firmly believe that embracing these trends is essential to meeting the evolving security challenges of today’s world.

AI-powered analytics bring a transformative shift in security operations, automating prevention and detection while enabling advanced data analysis for proactive decision making.

Unification, with its streamlines security management, integrating various aspects within a user friendly interface for comprehensive oversight and improved operational efficiency.

Moreover, cloud-based solutions offer unparalleled flexibility, scalability and remote accessibility, ensuring seamless data storage and real time monitoring for a modern and agile security infrastructure.

As we continue to innovate and lead in this dynamic domain, our commitment to these trends empowers our partners and clients to stay ahead, reinforcing security postures and unlocking new opportunities for a safer and more secure future.

What lies ahead for AxxonSoft in the VMS industry?

AxxonSoft’s vision for the future in the VMS industry is firmly grounded in innovation and advancement.

We are committed to leading the way by investing in research and development, exploring new horizons like deep learning, edge computing and IoT integration.

Embracing these technologies will enable us to elevate the capabilities of our VMS solutions, delivering intuitive and futureproof video management systems to our clients.

Our ultimate goal is to empower organisations to unlock the full potential of their video surveillance data, facilitating data driven decisions, enhancing security measures and achieving unparalleled operational excellence.

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