Protecting armouries with connected technologies

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RFID and IoT technologies present new opportunities for protecting people, assets and data. STid has developed BE.WEAPON, an RFID & IoT solution for armoury management. STid’s CEO, Vincent Dupart offers an insight into the benefits of tracking weapons.

Armoury management secured

The police, military and security sector must now secure ever-increasing quantities of equipment, weapons and also personnel flow. They must optimise time spent in their armoury to improve the inventory of available equipment (in the field and in maintenance) or to secure and simplify the material distribution and return processes. To meet these challenges, we have created BE.WEAPON, the first secure and digital armoury management solution. BE.WEAPON is a hardware and software solution specifically developed to secure and simplify the management of armouries for the various army corps and all police forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Municipal Police forces, National Police force, special forces, private security officers, etc.).

When RFID & IoT technologies optimise the management of armouries

We identify weapons and equipment with IoT and RFID technologies. Before each operation, the officer authenticates himself with a high security access control reader, to quickly evaluate if he has the required rights. The armoury manager or the officer automatically identifies each piece of equipment with an RFID UHF reader (bulletproof vests, flash-balls, tasers, munitions, helmets, handcuffs, batons, tonfas, binoculars, night-vision goggles…). The material is linked to the officer. BE.WEAPON enables us, in real time, to know which officer took what equipment, when he took it and later on, if he returned the material. During the Check-in/Check-out operation, we are able to quickly determine if the equipment is missing, the officer authorisations or the maintenance status etc.

IoT secure tracking for weapons… a successful combination

End users observe a 50% time reduction on check-in/check-out operations compared to a traditional organisation, a positive step to improve intervention response times! They have improved, real-time, armoury visibility. No paper. They can edit regulatory allocation and inventory registers with one click! All is digitalised to streamline weapons and equipment management to offer a seamless user experience. During the current health situation of COVID-19, BE.WEAPON helps to regulate personnel flow into the armoury and in turn, improves an officer’s safety. STid is always developing new and market inspiring products. BE.WEAPON is adapted to the specific needs of small, medium and large organisations. Our cutting-edge expertise is already integrated and deployed in military armouries, police armouries in French cities and also private security armouries employed by the largest nuclear organisations. A success that is growing worldwide!

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