Arcules introduces Edge Cloud solution to help low-bandwidth environments

Edge Cloud

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Arcules, the provider of unified, intelligent security-as-a-service solutions, has announced the addition of its new Edge Cloud solution to its platform, which will address the changing needs of an organisation’s video surveillance and security data capture and storage. With the introduction of the Arcules Edge Cloud solution, businesses now have the ability to store all video data locally to address low-bandwidth challenges and usage for their video management while still benefiting from the value of the Arcules cloud approach to remote security services. 

As more businesses embrace the benefits of digital transformation, they are looking to migrate more infrastructure to the cloud. According to a report from Inkwood Research, the global VSaaS market is estimated to grow with 20.77% CAGR through 2027. The new Arcules Edge Cloud solution is designed to deliver customised cloud functionality based on specific security priorities, risk environment and operational priorities. It also addresses some of the main challenges that customers face when considering cloud-based options: Internet issues, high camera counts and the need for network traffic optimisation. 

“Arcules delivers innovations that allow us to offer highly reliable and scalable services to our customers while enabling us to differentiate ourselves in the market by lowering their acquisition and operational costs,” said Brent Edmunds, CEO, Stone Security. “This new solution brings even more value to the table and delivers the flexibility that propels businesses to embrace the cloud and configure their storage options in a way that reduces bandwidth and cost. As a result, our customers can accelerate their digital transformation goals with the option to move their security fully into the cloud in the future.”

Arcules Edge Cloud

The Arcules Edge Cloud solution uses an average of 10 Kbps (up to 50 Kbps) of Internet bandwidth per channel while recording video. This enables organisations with up to 500 cameras to operate inside limited bandwidth constraints (around 30 Mbps). Setup, management, administration and configuration are managed in the cloud, giving customers the ability to archive in the cloud and protect video evidence for forensic purposes. Video data is stored on the edge using a gateway with the ability to show both live and playback video that is locally stored video remotely via the cloud.

The introduction of the Edge Cloud solution allows Arcules customers to leverage the power and functionality of the cloud while using existing network infrastructure and video surveillance technology for remote or disparate locations. Whether a site is storing video data on-premises or in the Arcules Cloud, customers can seamlessly view and manage all of their sites together, unifying and centralising security.

“2020 has accelerated digital transformation across all markets with cloud technology becoming more prevalent and it’s now critical for us to offer greater options to our customers to help them achieve their security and operational goals,” said Andreas Pettersson, CEO, Arcules. “We keep pushing the boundaries of innovation so we can provide the cloud solutions more IT and security leaders require to meet the evolving needs of their businesses. Edge Cloud is the next step in the evolution of the next-generation unified cloud platform designed to accelerate the adoption of cloud-based security-as-a-service.”

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