Airbus Secure Land Communications to showcase hybrid solutions at Dubai Airshow 2021


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Airbus Secure Land Communications will showcase its portfolio of modern hybrid communication and collaboration solutions for smart airports at Dubai Airshow 2021, taking place from 14-18 November.

During the exhibition, Airbus will hold a demo for its Tactilon Agnet solution, a cloud-based collaboration service, to highlight how its features can support smarter teamwork among airport staff and security personnel.

Delivering the best of both Tetra and broadband solutions, the push-to-talk and end-to-end encrypted Tactilon Agnet is packed with state-of-the-art features for better connectivity and higher operational efficiency and safety. Users can securely talk, send multimedia messages and exchange live video with their teams with just a click. Apart from its multimedia-enriched messaging and video transmissions capabilities, it is also equipped with emergency calls and real-time location tracking functionalities to promote better staff coordination and faster response time. 

Tactilon Agnet is a modern, easy-to-use, flexible and scalable collaboration solution that is efficient for group communication. By rolling out this solution airports can reduce operating costs, manage flights more effectively and improve security – all of which are vital to running and managing smart airports.   

 “At airport facilities, efficient supervision of different aspects of the operations is critical to optimising processes, minimising aircraft turnaround time and maximising customer satisfaction. All employees need to ensure that the systems are in place to look after the passengers, airlines, airport security, check-in facilities, baggage handling, passport control, gates, ground handlers and many more are working seamlessly. Therefore, Airbus collaboration tools, including the Tactilon Agnet, play a pivotal role in ensuring that all staff can communicate and collaborate without interruption and in a fast and secure manner. This is what we offer to smart airports, which we will highlight at Dubai Airshow” said Selim Bouri, Head of Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific for Secure Land Communications at Airbus.

Airbus has been providing the UAE’s aviation industry with its mission-critical collaboration and communication technologies for over a decade. Its roster of customers in the country includes Dubai Airports, Abu Dhabi Airports and Sharjah Airports.

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