acre security confirms major growth in 2023

acre security

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acre security has unveiled its impressive growth trajectory for the first half of 2023.

This trajectory is marked by a steady adoption of cloud-based access control solutions.

“Unparalleled solutions and support”

According to acre security, this growth has also been defined by its expanding international reach and enhancement of its mobile solutions.

As demand grows for cloud-based access control, the flexibility and scalability of acre’s solutions enable customers to address increased risks and further support operations.

“The growing adoption of our cloud-enabled access control solutions underscores their effectiveness and the confidence our clients envision in our offerings,” commented Don Joos, CEO, acre security.

“Coupled with our global growth and the continuous enhancement of our technology portfolio, we’re well poised to offer unparalleled solutions and support to high growth markets.”

“Significant global growth”

acre’s Feenics platform offers multiple features that cater to the requirements of modern businesses across numerous applications.

“Cloud-based solutions are witnessing significant global growth,” added Harm Radstaak, Chief Strategy Officer and President, acre international.

“In line with this trend, we’re introducing Feenics to several markets, the United Arab Emirates being one, that are primed to embrace the proven benefits of cloud solutions for security applications.”

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