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A simple, stylish PIN lock that keeps opportunist thieves out


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You don’t need to continue using keys and key cards. When you want effective first-line security for private doors in public spaces, you no longer need cumbersome kit. To keep opportunist hands off your belongings, the Code Handle four-digit code-operated electronic handle locks without any wires, expensive hardware or software, mechanical keys or changes to your existing doors.

PIN codes unlock so many features of our daily lives, from a smartphone to your online bank account. Now you can use them to unlock security door handles, too.

Code Handle is a stylish handle with an integrated electronic PINpad. When you fit a Code Handle to your door, you make sure only authorised people get in. Without a four-digit code, the handle stays locked and the door stays closed.

“Code Handle is unique in comparison to common code door locks: it has the code function and battery incorporated inside its handle, so you don’t need to make extra modifications to your door,” explains Lars Angelin, Business Development Manager for Code Handle at ASSA ABLOY EMEA.

Friendly form and function

For such a simple device, Code Handle packs several clever features into its sleek, low-profile design. When you close the door behind you, Code Handle locks itself, so you don’t need to put down whatever you are carrying. From inside, a Code Handle opens freely. It is also fire accredited (EN 1363).

Code Handle is simple to install and retrofit. Everything you need for a simple, effective security barrier is inside the box. Two screws fit a new Code Handle to almost any interior door, with left- or right-hand opening. There is no need to cable the door, connect it to mains or pay a specialist installer.

Code Handle works in tandem with standard lock hardware. You can keep your existing cylinder or lock mechanism and just change the handle. Two standard batteries (CR2) slot inside the Code Handle and typically last 30,000 lock/unlock cycles before replacement.

Code Handle is an attractive proposition, with an elegant contemporary design, in brushed stainless steel and satin chrome. No more ugly push-button-and-twist mechanical PIN locks spoiling the look of your office.

Where is Code Handle deployed?

Code Handle is the lock of choice for sensitive, low-security doors in all kinds of places. At libraries, airports, railway stations, gyms, schools, car dealerships, restaurants and offices, a Code Handle PIN lock keeps the public out of accessible private rooms.

In company archives, stock rooms, customer toilets, management offices and medicine stores, Code Handle deters casual intruders and keeps your property safe and secure.

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