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2021/2022 Romanian OSPAs winners announced


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The presentation of the 2021/2022 Romanian OSPAs took place at a special Summer Gala on Thursday 9 June at Clubul Diplomatic in Bucharest.

This year, 15% of the funds raised for the organisation will be redirected to support the campaign initiated by the Romanian Red Cross – “Humanity has no borders” in support of people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

OSPA winners were selected by an esteemed panel of industry figures who judged entries using the same criteria which is applied across the world. Each winner demonstrated that they have performed at an exceptional level and has shown their commitment and outstanding performance within the security sector.

The winners are: 

Trofeul OSPA – Doamne de Excepție in Industria de Securitate
Florentina Voinea – Tiger Security Services

Trofeul OSPA – Manageri si Directori de Securitate (in house)
Tiberius Visoiu – Garrett Advancing Motion

Trofeul OSPA – Manageri/Directori (companii de securitate)
Ruslan Dumitras – Guard One

Trofeul OSPA – Instalatori/Integratori Sisteme de Securitate
Guard One

Trofeul OSPA – Agenti de Securitate
Vasile Păcurar – Civitas

Trofeul OSPA – Consultanti de Securitate (Evaluatori de Risc la Securitate Fizica)
Nagy Robert Attila – Ariola/Sectra

Trofeul OSPA – Pentru Intreaga Cariera dedicata Securitatii
Alin Lupea

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