RGB Spectrum unveils Zio Recording & Media Server

Zio Recording & Media Server

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RGB Spectrum has announced the launch of its new Zio Recording & Media Server.

The mission critical video solutions provider has claimed that the new recorder is capable of handling all types of visual data including computer-generated video.

Zio Recording & Media Server

The Zio Recording & Media Server is available in various models.

According to RGB Spectrum, it has been designed to support multiple streams for recording and playback simultaneously.

In addition, it features storage options which have been sized to meet specific customer requirements.

Incorporating a ‘First In, First Out’ (FIFO) architecture, when storage space approaches its limit, the server automatically deletes the oldest recordings.

Not only does this help to make room for new content without manual intervention, it ensures continuous recording capabilities 24/7.

To find out more about the Zio Recording & Media Server, click here.

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