Zenitel Middle East unifies Abu Dhabi and Dubai operations

Zenitel Middle East

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For over a decade, Zenitel has played a pivotal role in the Middle East security market.

The company has consistently collaborated with integrators, architects, engineering firms and contractors to deploy its intelligent communication solutions in the most demanding environments.

A unified solutions portfolio

In the past, Zenitel operated as two different entities from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, serving customers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and all other markets across the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Where the Abu Dhabi team had focused on ASL PAVA technology, the Dubai team focused on intercom technology.

Now, the security provider is combining its two entities by bringing them under one roof in Abu Dhabi.

This new operation will be led by Chenguttuvan Tamilarasan, General Manager, Zenitel, offering a Unified Critical Communications solutions portfolio to the safety and security market in the MEA region.

“Fully integrated with other security platforms”

Lars Paulsson, EVP Safety & Security, Zenitel commented: “The convergence of diverse critical communication technologies including one-to-one bi-way communications – typically referred to as Intercom, one-to-few small-scale broadcasting solutions with versatile IP speakers and one-to-many large-scale public address and voice evacuation systems are coming together as Unified Critical Communication solutions. 

“We strongly believe that every market vertical will rely more on a single Unified Critical Communications platform, fully integrated with other security platforms like video management and surveillance, access control and building management systems.

“The better we can provide integrated solutions for our eco-system partners, the faster and better we can provide well-functioning systems in the hands of the users.”

Tamilarasan remarked: “By offering the complete Zenitel portfolio consisting of the ASL PAVA portfolio and the intercom platforms and devices, Zenitel Middle East positions itself at the forefront of delivering Unified Critical Communications solutions to the Middle East customers on the safety and security market.”

Zenitel Middle East: Solutions across industries

Zenitel provides a wide range of innovative solutions to a number of key industry sectors:

  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Public buildings
  • Prisons
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Museums
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Malls
  • Entertainment and amusement parks
  • Refineries
  • Distribution centres
  • Public authorities
  • Infrastructures


Zenitel is at the forefront of intelligent critical communication, offering a cybersecurity-focused IP product portfolio for enhanced security, flexibility and seamless integration across platforms to safeguard human life and critical activities.

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