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Zenitel introduces communication solutions for healthcare sector

Zenitel - healthcare sector

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Zenitel has introduced unified critical communication solutions tailored for healthcare customers, addressing the dynamic challenges hospitals face in managing emergency services, staff, patients and visitors.

Zenitel’s solution

The healthcare industry is under constant pressure, with hospitals dealing with a high number of emergency situations, staff shortages and burnout, putting immense strain on operations.

Ensuring a secure environment is paramount for healthcare facilities, with a focus on safeguarding the wellbeing of everyone.

The company’s healthcare communication solutions aim to assist facility owners by automating daily tasks, thereby reducing the demand on healthcare workers and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Leveraging over 120 years of audio experience, the company is dedicated to providing unified critical communication solutions that empower medical security teams and enhance the safety and wellbeing of both patients and staff, addressing the evolving challenges in the healthcare industry.

Zenitel’s healthcare communication solutions feature essential products such as the Turbine Extended Intercom, IP Operating Room (OR) Master Station, IP Network Ceiling Speaker, Turbine Extended Intercom with Card Reader and more.

Its unified critical communication solutions integrate seamlessly with other security platforms, including video management, surveillance, access control and building management systems.

“Proactive for any security threats”

Sri Sutharsan, Head of Marketing and Segment Solutions, Safety and Security, Zenitel commented: “By incorporating audio into the security mix, healthcare facilities can add value to video-based security system and transform from being reactive to proactive for any security threats within hospital facilities.”

Zenitel‘s solutions offer better situational awareness within hospitals, enabling quick and informed decision making by hospital teams based on real time information.

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