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Women in security in Ukraine: “Proactive agents of change”

Women in security

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The outbreak of conflict in the east of Ukraine in 2014 and the full scale invasion in 2022 indicates a significant change in the country’s security, accompanied by a number of complex challenges and threats, reports Octava Capital.

Increased activity of terrorist groups, aggressive actions of the occupation forces as well as other manifestations of hybrid warfare create new, previously unknown requirements for Ukraine’s security system, society itself and women in particular.

The increased threat of terrorist attacks against the uncertainty and unpredictability of the situation in the occupied territories seriously threatens the fundamental values of freedom and security.

In such circumstances, it is not only the effectiveness of the authorities that is important, but also the active participation of citizens in ensuring their own security and in identifying and preventing potential threats.

Thus, the changing security situation in Ukraine against the background of the military conflict reveals not only the need to upgrade security structures, but also requires an active response and participation of the entire society in supporting national security and stability.

Ukrainian women in today’s environment play an extremely important role in ensuring the country’s security and maintaining the nation’s defence capability.

The role of women in corporate and cybersecurity has been developing dynamically, demonstrating significant contribution to these important areas.

Their involvement is manifested in various spheres of life, from military and law enforcement to active volunteering and support for combatants on the frontline.

Women perform important functions in the armed forces, helping to strengthen the country’s defence capability and participating in the defence of national interests.

They hold key positions in large corporations and innovative startups, where they are responsible for developing and implementing security strategies both online and in the corporate sector as a whole.

Their knowledge, professional skills and determination allow them to tackle complex challenges related to cyber-threats, customer data and information privacy.

Most modern technological companies and financial institutions focus on improving cybersecurity and women play a significant role in such initiatives, not only as technical specialists but also by demonstrating soft skills, such as communication, collaboration and the ability to analyse complex situations.

Contributions in this area cannot be underestimated and the dynamic development of engagement shows that women are essential links in ensuring security in the corporate sector and cyber-space.

Moreover, a large number of women hold important positions in law enforcement agencies, performing law enforcement and crime-combating functions. Direct support of servicemen/women on the frontline and support of volunteer organisations are also under the care of women’s activists.

Thus, Ukrainian women prove to be not only active participants in public life, but also an integral element in ensuring national security and enhancing the military defence capability of Ukraine.

“They are proactive agents of change”

Tetiana Andrianova, CEO, Octava Capital, Chairperson of the Corporate Security Committee at Octava Group and Coordinator of Women in Security at ASIS International – Ukraine Chapter, commented on how security in Ukraine has changed during the war and how the role of a modern Ukrainian woman is related to this at ASIS Europe – From Risk to Resilience 2024 in Vienna.

“The war in Ukraine has not only changed the country’s security landscape, but has also significantly affected the role and position of women in society,” Andrianova said.

“The change in the conflict context has caused changes in perceptions and expectations regarding women’s participation in political and public life.

“During the war, women have become more active and self-aware in demanding their rights to participate in decision making and security strategies formation.

“They are proactive agents of change, demanding greater attention to gender aspects in the areas of security, politics and government in general.

“Growing awareness of the importance of women’s voices in shaping social processes leads to increased female representation in government bodies, NGOs and other spheres of influence.

“Thus, the conflict impact on the women’s status and position in Ukrainian society demonstrates not only their activity in important areas of the country’s life, but also the gradual strengthening of gender equality and the promotion of democratic processes.”

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