Advancis makes WinGuard open for 3rd party developments


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For more than 25 years WinGuard has been one of the best-known PSIM platforms for the unified visualisation and control of technical sub-systems. Individual dynamic workflows support the control room personnel in event processing, whether in case of an alarm or for daily routine and maintenance tasks.

Over 450 interface drivers to systems of different manufacturers offer the greatest possible flexibility when selecting or updating subsystems (fire/intrusion alarm systems, CCTV, etc.): New interface modules are constantly developed and the existing ones optimised.

In addition, WinGuard will shortly be open for third party developments. Available soon, the latest software version will provide an extension to make WinGuard even more open, providing partners and customers the possibility to develop their own program modules and implement them directly in the software.

Individual functions can be realised independently of internal Advancis common development cycles. It is possible to create exactly the functional scope that is required for each project – even in case of very specific requirements. For example, external tools that are only used in the particular company can be integrated in WinGuard. New interfaces can also be created quite easily.

WinGuard will be open for third party developments with the grounding of a proven and powerful software platform. To simplify third party developments, Advancis will provide an interface SDK as well as an UI (User Interface) SDK. This will allow external developers to access the same WinGuard program functions as the manufacturer’s developers, but without the need to understand the intricate nature of the Advancis development environment.

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