Advancing wildlife protection with Hikvision solutions


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In the rainforests of Sumatra in Indonesia, the critically endangered Sumatran elephants roam, but it is very difficult to observe them, writes Hikvision.

In February 2023, Hikvision’s video system captured stunning images of the majestic creatures, a rare sighting that shows how diligent forest restoration and protection efforts are succeeding.

This is a part of the collaboration between Hikvision, PT ABT and WWF-Indonesia, to employ innovative technologies for wildlife protection.

With 24/7 monitoring using ColorVu and solar-powered cameras, Hikvision provides practical off-grid solutions, including AI, to observe endangered species’ movements in the forest.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Hikvision aims to create a better world that benefits both communities and the preservation of our invaluable nature and culture.

Hikvision prioritises technological advancements to tackle conservation challenges effectively.

By harnessing the power of video technology, AI algorithms and multi-dimensional perception channels, Hikvision enables comprehensive solutions for wildlife protection.

These technologies allow for real time monitoring, data analysis and proactive interventions to mitigate threats to wildlife habitats.

ŸLive video for enhanced wildlife monitoring

Hikvision’s wildlife protection solution offers 24/7 live view and playback capabilities, enabling real time monitoring of wildlife habitats.

With its exceptional low-light performance, Hikvision’s video technology ensures clear visibility even in challenging lighting conditions.

The solution also includes a complete alarm management process, which notifies teams of suspicious activities or security breaches in wildlife areas in real time.

This allows for real time observations and immediate responses to potential threats, such as human intrusion, poaching or habitat degradation.

ŸAnimal recognition with AI algorithms Hikvision’s wildlife protection solution incorporates AI algorithms for accurate animal recognition.

By analysing data obtained through video technology and other multi-dimensional perception capabilities, these algorithms can identify various wildlife species.

This information helps conservationists gain valuable insights into ecological patterns, migration routes and population dynamics, facilitating evidence-based conservation strategies.

ŸOpen technology ecosystem for seamless integration

Hikvision embraces an open ecosystem approach by offering an open API that enables seamless integration with third party systems.

This capability allows for the smooth management of key wildlife data, providing flexibility and compatibility with existing infrastructure.

By collaborating with other systems and technologies, Hikvision’s solution enhances the overall effectiveness of wildlife protection efforts.

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