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Managing which individuals can enter a property and monitoring their whereabouts once inside is one of the main pillars of an effective security strategy. Organisations do not want unauthorised individuals roaming around their buildings, increasing the risk of crime and endangering the safety of their staff.

There has always been steady demand for access control systems but in recent years, the market has certainly experienced a marked increase in growth. A November 2019 report by Marketwatch projected that the global access control market will be worth US$10.6 billion by 2025, growing
at an annual rate of over 6%.

Going mobile

This significant increase in demand has been driven by rapid technological developments which have made access control solutions much more cost-effective, reliable and scalable. One particular innovation which is making a difference to organisations is the advent of mobile access control. 

Market analysts, Informa Tech forecast a 100% annual growth rate for mobile credentials over the next five years and project that by 2023, 15% of all new credentials will be mobile. Leading vendors have worked hard to develop mobile solutions and our Knowledge Partner, ASSA ABLOY is at the forefront of this.

The ASSA ABLOY Openow mobile access solution integrates seamlessly with the SMARTair portfolio of wireless locks. SMARTair Openow mobile access control enables security managers and site users to manage virtual “keys” inside a smartphone app.

With a mobile solution such as Openow, administrators can easily and quickly change or remove a user’s credentials, minimising the security risks to the organisation. 

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