VuWall enables critical data visualisation at Secursat’s Security Operations Centre


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Secursat, a new control room concept, defines security governance systems by risks analysis and management. Located in Milan, Secursat is redefining technology and security with an innovative concept incorporating security monitoring and a showroom Security Operations Centre (SOC). Developed in partnership with Intermark Sistemi, VuWall’s close partner and distributor in the region, Secursat manages business risks through security services and cutting-edge technology.

Secursat was founded as an outsourcing of the banking sector to manage traditional security systems through the network. Secursat has since expanded beyond the financial sector to retail, industrial and real estate industries. Secursat’s SOC provides situational analysis through the collection and interpretation of data to protect business and mitigate risk and liabilities. The situational analysis includes various forms of data, including video surveillance systems, control systems, secure communications systems and other dashboards to provide network intelligence, cybersecurity and web intelligence.


Unique to Secursat, the SOC manages risk through thousands of sites and gathers big data from installations worldwide to ensure the protection of jobs, buildings and all assets of Secursat customers. The complexity of data combined with the competence of operators with education in security sciences and criminology required an innovative approach that combined functionality, performance, reliability and ergonomics. Additionally, Secursat’s SOC is certified per the European Standard EN 50518, which regulates structural, performance and organisational aspects of an Operations Centre. Secursat requested a high-quality and cutting-edge control room solution that would support the joint operations of a SOC and a showroom to enable maximum functionality for the dual-purpose space.


Secursat integrated the best brands in the control room sector, creating a combined solution with Alfatron Electronics, AMX, RDI and VuWall. The solution features two video walls, powered by VuWall’s VuScape video wall controller, mounted on custom columns to create an aesthetically pleasing and structurally independent design. In addition, the room is equipped with four operator consoles, each with three monitors. A technical space adjacent to the SOC houses the equipment rack. Additionally, two meeting rooms interconnected with the main rooms are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, including VuWall’s VuScape, for presentations and video conferences.

VuWall’s VuScape Video Wall Controller seamlessly manages two video walls, both different shapes and aspect ratios and provides a flexible solution for controlling and distributing content sources across the Secursat’s SOC video wall. The VuScape also supports content management across Secursat’s two meeting rooms to create a consistent solution throughout the facility. The new ecosystem enables Secursat’s operators to quickly and easily change and create unique layouts from the touch panel.

Operators can quickly gather critical information on their desktops and seamlessly display the content on any VuScape-powered video wall or display. VuScape empowers Secursat’s operators to select a region of interest on their desktop or video wall and share it with the operator desktops or video walls in other rooms or other stakeholders in the organisation.

VuScape is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to manage. This high-performance video wall processor can power up to 96 displays with a single controller and capture up to 40x 4K sources. VuScape is incredibly dependable, creating an optimised solution for real-time throughput and providing reliable 24/7 operations.

Secursat has standardised VuWall’s video wall management software to operate video walls throughout the SOC. Designed explicitly for SOC applications, VuWall’s software enables any screen to become a command centre. The software features the utmost flexibility in creating the most customised visualisation experience with easy drag-and-drop. This includes being able to display visual information from many different sources on any screen, including web pages, computers on the network, IP cameras, third-party applications and video conferencing tools.


Secursat was designed to create an innovative showroom to welcome customers and partners and demonstrate how to manage security risks in a perspective of open innovation. The result of Secursat’s new integration was successful at all levels. The new system encompassed the latest innovations to create a cutting-edge solution for the joint operations of a SOC and a showroom.

“VuWall was the obvious choice when we discovered that this project required the visualisation of multiple various sources at once and had multiple video walls to manage,” said Fabio Concezzi, Managing Director at Intermark Sistemi. ”The customer was extremely satisfied with the installation and especially pleased to discover of how easily their operators are able to control and manage the content on the video wall. This was another key benefit of VuWall’s solution.”

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