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VIVOTEK USA features SMART VCA technology and products at GSX 2019


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VIVOTEK, the global IP surveillance solution provider, is proud to announce that it will feature its SMART Video Content Analysis (VCA) technologies and VCA incorporated products during GSX 2019, held in Chicago from 8-12 Sept. at McCormick Place, booth #1960.

“The core of VIVOTEK’s SMART VCA is a deep learning AI engine offering advanced accuracy in people detection compared with traditional rule-based designs,” explained David Liu, President of VIVOTEK USA, Inc. “VIVOTEK took advantage of its extensive experience in the surveillance field and resulting vast image databases to develop a neural-network powered detection engine for the human form.”

VIVOTEK products including its SMART VCA technology that it will feature during GSX 2019 include:

  • Fixed dome cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • 360 degree cameras
  • Multi-sensor cameras

Based on a database of human silhouettes and rapid responses via a pre-trained deep learning model, the smart engine instantly recognises the appearance of human forms in the surveillance area. As humans are the objects of interest in the majority of video surveillance, the people-detection feature enables users to quickly configure their installation. With people-detection, only human activities will serve as event triggers, while swaying vegetation, passing vehicles or animal activities in the scene will be ignored. This helps both reduce false alarms as well as the time and effort taken for camera configuration.

Above the AI core, multiple event rules are provided to detect intrusion, persons loitering in a zone or crossing a line, objects missing and abandoned or to detect faces from a crowd within the zone. These rules cover most of the typical security application requirements and multiple rules can be applied to a single camera view.

“VIVOTEK’s SMART VCA enables cameras to gather more valuable scene awareness data when compared with traditional frame-difference based video motion detection,” Liu continued. “Running as edge-based applications, SMART VCA also helps to reduce bandwidth and storage use. When the need should arise for searching evidence, the VCA metadata facilitates an expedited search, thus both enhancing efficiency and reducing operators’ workloads. Cameras with on-board analytics not only record video frames, but also intelligently understand the events happening within their field of view. Rich rules and easy configurations are provided to meet diverse user application requirements, resulting in a safer environment with VIVOTEK SMART VCA.”

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