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Vitaprotech Group announces appointment of COO

Vitaprotech - COO

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The Vitaprotech Group has announced the appointment of Mr. Thibaut Galland as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the UK.

This strategic move underscores the Group’s dedicated effort to enhancing its international footprint, with a specific focus on the UK – a region boasting a promising market and close cultural and geographical ties with France.

A pivotal role

Galland’s primary objective will be to execute the Group‘s strategy for its two existing entities in the UK, namely TDSi and Harper Chalice.

He will oversee and ensure effective financial, human resources, administrative and legal management in the UK region.

Additionally, he will play a pivotal role in the governance of the regional companies and ensure the successful implementation of Vitaprotech’s global strategy.

Having joined the Vitaprotech Group in 2017 as Corporate Controller, Galland has witnessed and actively contributed to the company’s remarkable growth trajectory.

His role as Deputy Chief Financial Officer in 2021 further demonstrated his dedication to the Group’s development and success.

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