IDEMIA’s VisionPass receives best results from iBeta evaluation


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IDEMIA has announced that its facial recognition device for access control, VisionPass has passed with 100% success the Level 1 and Level 2 Presentation Attack Detection (PAD/spoofing attack) assessments from the iBeta laboratory. VisionPass is the only terminal in the world for this market to achieve this performance—constituting an essential guarantee of quality.

Without independent external sources to validate manufacturer claims, customers who wish to deploy biometric terminals have to believe the manufacturer’s own statements on quality and performance as it is difficult to perform extensive testing on their own, other than empirical. However, as such terminals are meant to improve security by preventing intrusions, it is crucial to validate performance elements externally.

For facial recognition in particular, it is essential to choose a terminal that remains perfectly efficient with users wearing a mask and that resists fraud attempts by presenting photos printed on paper, displayed on a smartphone screen, or even by use of 3D masks that reproduce the face of an authorised user.

Such capabilities result from the combination of hardware components and biometric algorithms used in the device.

IDEMIA’s willingness to submit VisionPass for testing proves the device meets a level of performance recognised by an independent lab.

As a digital security group with strong experience in cryptography, embedded security and biometric algorithms used in government applications, payments and telecommunications, IDEMIA is the only manufacturer of biometric devices to submit its algorithms to the NIST and DHS evaluation sessions in the US and to evaluate its software and products by the iBeta laboratory.

iBeta has provided critical software testing services for the world’s most trusted brands since 1999 and has developed unique skills in biometric testing as a NIST NVLAP accredited biometrics testing lab. In particular, iBeta conducts Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing in accordance with the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard and in alignment with the ISO/IEC 30107-1 framework.

VisionPass, launched in mid-2020, is an extremely powerful access control device using a combination of an advanced optical unit composed of three cameras (2D, 3D and infrared) and IDEMIA’s facial recognition algorithms. VisionPass was submitted to the iBeta PAD tests, which took place in September and October 2021. The terminal obtained the maximum score of 100%, thus perfectly resisting hundreds of different fraud attempts by presentation of 2D and 3D photos and molded masks.

These results confirm VisionPass as the most advanced and efficient facial recognition device on the market, as already highlighted by several industry awards. This iBeta evaluation is an important guidance for Security Directors and Purchasing Departments as a key element to expect when selecting a facial recognition terminal that will be used to prevent intrusions and protect the physical security of their employees’ and company’s assets.

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