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Virtual Instruments becomes Virtana to transform customer IT operations and infrastructure


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Virtual Instruments has announced that it has become Virtana, a company focused on providing customers with the industry’s most robust AI-powered hybrid IT infrastructure management platforms for mission-critical workloads. Underscoring this commitment to helping enterprises manage their complex multi-cloud environments, Virtana introduced CloudWisdom, a SaaS-based cloud cost optimisation and monitoring platform. CloudWisdom helps customers plan, analyse and optimise their cloud workloads, services and resources. Along with the new name, the company has advanced its business model to include self-service SaaS and downloadable trial versions of its solutions.

Global enterprises are on a digital transformation journey that requires a transformation of their IT operations. These organisations are evolving their delivery and deployment platforms from primarily on-premises to a hybrid private/public cloud model. They are also striving to progress from a reactive operational model to a proactive and, ultimately, autonomous approach. This transformation requires a new approach to infrastructure management for mission-critical deployments that leverages a combination of real-time monitoring, big data analytics, and AI/ML technologies. The new approach must offer full-stack hybrid cloud visibility, be application-centric and operate at massive scale.

Virtana has re-invented hybrid IT infrastructure management around a core understanding of applications and their relationship to the infrastructure – from the data centre to the public cloud. Virtana’s VirtualWisdomWorkloadWisdom and new CloudWisdom platforms form the foundation of next generation hybrid infrastructure management. Virtana platforms enable dramatically accelerated problem resolution; efficient management of capacity and cost; and intelligent automated workload placement.

“Connecting the dots between the health and performance of individual data centre and public cloud resources with their exact impact on application SLAs and performance is the holy grail for enterprises embarking on their digital transformation journey,” said Torsten Volk, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Management Associates. “Virtana is combining its heritage of highly granular real-time application infrastructure monitoring with advanced machine learning and analytics capabilities from the Metricly (formerly Netuitive) acquisition, to ultimately offer comprehensive monitoring and policy-driven capacity optimisation and automated problem resolution. This approach is becoming more and more relevant in the light of hybrid applications consisting of traditional monolithic enterprise apps that are extended through modern microservices.”

“An increasing number of organisations are moving away from traditional IT infrastructure and opting instead for the Cloud,” said Tom Frana, Chairman and CEO of ViON. “With our new Enterprise Cloud capability, we are better able to provide our customers with the public cloud experience they want behind their firewall, enabling them to manage multi-cloud environments and easily move workloads as their needs change. Virtana provides the essential insight into optimising and assuring the performance of these workloads.”

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