viisights to showcase behavioural video analytics at Smart City Expo


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viisights, Inc., developer of revolutionary behavioural recognition systems for real-time video intelligence, will be attending Smart City Expo, Barcelona, Spain from 16-18 November, 2021. viisights advanced video understanding technology provides highly cost-effective and efficient security, safety and environment sensing solutions for smart-cities, corporate and education campuses, commercial and industrial businesses, transportation hubs, critical infrastructure and more.

“viisights leverages artificial intelligence to facilitate human-like pattern prediction, transforming existing video surveillance systems into real-time sources of actionable intelligence,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO at viisights. “Our video analytics go further than simple object recognition by autonomously recognising behaviours that demand immediate attention, allowing customers to be more proactive.”

A new benchmark in intelligent video technology, viisights behavioural analytics are built on a foundation of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that understand the content in real-time, instead of simply classifying objects. This technology provides actionable intelligence to help prevent incidents from escalating and minimise liabilities, dramatically increasing security and safety. viisights unparalleled data analysis capabilities also transcend conventional applications for real-time video surveillance monitoring and forensics to deliver true business intelligence.

viisights behavioural analytics accomplish this by “learning” to distinguish between common occurrences like an individual tying a shoelace versus falling to the ground, two people embracing as opposed to fighting, gatherings of people walking down the street versus rioting, or even determine if there has been a traffic accident. Conventional video cameras and analytics simply cannot make human-like distinctions that viisights behavioural analytics deliver.

Equally important, viisights innovative behavioural analytics allow municipalities to easily and cost-effectively leverage their existing capital investment in video camera systems to improve overall safety, security and the quality of life of their constituents. The low cost of entry provides city officials with a win-win proposition and a long-term solution with a tangible and significant Return on Investment (ROI).

viisights will be demonstrating the following behavioural recognition video analytics on stand C140.

  • Personal and environment safety solutions
  • Public health protection
  • Violent and anti-social behaviour detection and prediction including weapons detection
  • Solutions for urban mobility – traffic monitoring and crowd behaviour

To schedule a meeting with viisights during Smart Cities Expo and learn more, email [email protected].

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