viisights behavioural recognition changes the landscape in video intelligence


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viisights Inc., the developer of innovative behavioural understanding systems for real-time video intelligence, continues to gain momentum with cities, organisations and technology partners serving the US and global markets. The highly innovative and unique solution provides municipalities and organisations with the ability to automatically detect, analyse and differentiate human behaviours, such as an individual slipping and falling vs. being thrown to the ground, or two people embracing vs. fighting, or a peaceful parade vs. a riot. viisights’ powerful solution also delivers analytics ideal for helping organisations get back to work safely and fight the spread of COVID-19 such as recognising close proximity encounters between individuals that may violate social distancing mandates.

“viisights unique solution can accurately detect and analyse the behaviour of individuals and groups of people using deep learning and time-based vision analysis,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, Co-Founder and CEO of viisights. “viisights behavioural recognition delivers superior video intelligence that can help keep cities and businesses safer and more secure while reducing the manpower and associated costs necessary to monitor vast numbers of live and recorded video sources.”

viisights behavioural recognition solution can be deployed on-premise or via the cloud and is scalable to an infinite number of cameras with data analysis provided within seconds of a triggered event. The innovative solution is based on real-time temporal and holistic video streaming analysis using video clips rather than standalone images and employs convolutional neural networks and LSTM models for training its core AI engine. This creates a unique event signature that includes the scene participants and their extracted features, such as positioning, movement, size and relationship with others. The information can be used to detect potentially dangerous or high-interest situations in progress and to automatically send alerts to other investigative applications.

High-interest situations detected by the system include but are not limited to: people fighting, riots and vandalism, people brandishing weapons, blood on individuals, contextual loitering, a person abandoning an object, people wearing or not wearing masks, movements such as running, walking, or climbing, groups of people gathering or running, people climbing over fences or loitering near a fence, people entering a perimeter without permission, people in roadways, vehicles on sidewalks, vehicle collisions, traffic jams, people riding bicycles or motorcycles, people entering or exiting a vehicle and smoke and fire detection.

viisights behavioural recognition solution successfully minimises false alerts and their related costs while maximising safety and security, providing a new level of video intelligence for predictive analysis, incident prevention, response management and risk mitigation. By only analysing general behaviour patterns of individuals, groups, vehicles and traffic-flows, viisights technology does not identify faces or license plates to protect personal privacy.

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