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Videx unveils new cloud platform

cloud platform

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Videx has recently confirmed the introduction of its new cloud platform.

The door entry and access control manufacturer’s solution will help users manage the Videx range of GSM systems more easily.

Videx cloud platform offers multiple features

Accessible from any web browser with an internet connection, the new cloud platform is available at cloud.videxservices.uk.

By utilising the new offering, users are able to manage and program a breadth of GSM features.

This includes: Call button destinations; dial to open numbers; coded access codes, proximity fobs; cards and other settings available on the Videx GSM system.

According to the company, an unlimited number of devices can be managed by as many different users as required.

“Instant way to manage GSM systems remotely”

“The new platform makes the management of our GSM products much easier as it means changes to the systems can be made remotely and any issues resolved there and then,” said Rhys McNichol, National Projects Manager, Videx UK.

“This avoids the need for call out charges for routine setting changes as everything can be done online.

“The platform is ideal for local authorities, housing associations and management companies that need to make regular changes to the systems.

“For example, this includes activity where there are visitors who use dial to open or access control and change regularly.

“The platform can also be used to monitor activity on site at a development and even raise alarms to issue an email should certain activities occur that are deemed unusual such as a gate opening outside normal operating hours or a user attempting access and being denied.

“Overall, it’s an incredibly easy and pretty much instant way to manage GSM systems remotely whether that’s altering settings, troubleshooting or changing the way a system is set up to enable more convenient entry whilst maintaining a high level of security.”

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