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Videonetics secures birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini Park, Nepal


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The story of Buddhism began in Lumbini, where Siddhartha Gautama, the Lord Buddha, was born in 623 B.C. Soon after, the famous garden of Lumbini, became a place of pilgrimage. Located in the terai plains of Southern Nepal, Lumbini Park comprises of key Buddhist attractions such as Maya Devi Temple, World Peace Pagoda, Bodhi Tree, single stone Ashoka Pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka, Pond Pushkarini, stupas, monasteries and more. This sacred place continues to hold archaeological remains associated with Lord Buddha’s birth. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lumbini is one of the four sacred sites that Buddha reportedly advised the disciples to travel to. The park attracts millions of visitors every year from across the globe. This poses a considerable challenge to its management, of safeguarding the pilgrims and protecting the property from vandalism. Just the sheer size of this park made it tough to conduct effective surveillance of the expanse. Safety of visitors, crowd control and ensuring 24/7 protection at multiple locations at all times were some of the key challenges they faced.

In the past, officials of Lumbini Park deployed 24/7 analogue video surveillance only at Maya Devi Temple. Additionally, they relied on manual security for the entire property. To some extent, security was compromised by blind spots such as corners, aisles of gardens, cultural and monastic zones, buffer zones, entry-exit points and much more. In light of all the said vulnerabilities, they decided to overhaul their electronic surveillance apparatus and adopt a ‘smart and future-ready unified surveillance solution’ at the park.

Following a detailed analysis and survey, Videonetics worked with stakeholders of Lumbini Park and NexGen IT Solutions Pvt Ltd to design a comprehensive and unified solution encompassing Intelligent VMS, Vehicular Analytics and Vehicle Entry-Exit Monitoring (VEEM) application.

Comprehensive and smart 24×7 surveillance solution:

At its core, is state-of-the-art and feature-rich Videonetics Intelligent VMS that is extremely intuitive, investigation-friendly and also has a unique multi-layered failover support, that prevents data loss in the event of network instability. Today, IVMS is managing 160+ network cameras at all vulnerable locations of this property.

The system enables real-time surveillance to keep pilgrims safe, break crowd formation, keep vandalism in check, secure property and ensure swift response to any unwanted situation by ground staff, thereby bolstering efficiencies, enhancing situational awareness and allowing effective incident management, even at times of peak footfall during festivals/events. In addition, legacy analogue cameras are also integrated into the unified solution, eventually providing centralised control of the cameras to security operators.

Empowering premise security with real-time vehicle data insights:

Stakeholders of Lumbini Park wanted to keep a vigil on vehicles entering, parking and leaving the premise. Hence, Vehicular Analytics were deployed at all (entry and exit) gates that automatically identify and detect vehicle, irrespective of its type and in all weather conditions. These vehicles can be searched based on timestamp, colour or vehicle category. The data helps security teams to make informed decisions in managing vehicle flow and speed up responses to road incidents/offences, whenever required.  

Safeguarding premises with entry-exit monitoring:

Videonetics Vehicle Entry Exit Monitoring (VEEM) application installed at the primary entry gate, empowers security operators at Lumbini Park to monitor every vehicle entering the property in real-time. This solution accurately tracks and identifies vehicles, as well as captures facial image of the driver. Security operators can tag vehicles based on categorisation such as blacklisted, suspected, staff, visitor and so on, for future reference. This deployment has further strengthened security at the park as no unauthorised vehicle can enter the premises. Due to its intuitive GUI, operators are easily monitoring vehicle movements, tagging, processing events and viewing evidence images – all with a single application interface.

Raju Pandey CEO, NexGen IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd expressed: “Working in close partnership with Videonetics, we were able to deliver an upgraded and contemporary surveillance solution to Lumbini Park. Videonetics unified solution has helped the customer to achieve situational awareness, keeping their pilgrims, heritage and property safe, that was paramount to encourage more visitors at the park”.

Saroj Bhattarai, Project Manager, Lumbini Development Trust said: “Deploying intelligent, cutting-edge unified surveillance solution by Videonetics has helped us strengthen the security at Lumbini Park. It has equipped our system to keep our visitors safe and protect the heritage site. Moreover, it has also enabled us to analyse ongoing issues and find disruptive solutions to keep this sacred place secure today and tomorrow.”  

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