How multifocal-sensor video tech heightens stadium security

stadium security

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In recent years, the world of stadium security has witnessed a dramatic transformation, driven by advancements in video surveillance technology, reports Dallmeier.

With the advent of multifocal-sensor technology, exemplified by Dallmeier’s Panomera cameras, stadiums and sports arenas have been empowered to enhance safety, security and fan experiences like never before.

In favour of the new FIFA guidelines

The growing emphasis on security measures in stadiums and sports arenas is unmistakable.

Organisations like FIFA have recognised the critical role that advanced video security systems play in ensuring the safety of spectators and preventing incidents.

One of the key aspects is that these systems are expected to coherently monitor large areas of the stadium and enable retrospective zoom-ins for incident investigation – a directive found in the new FIFA Stadium Guidelines.

‘The most advanced CCTV systems can monitor large, defined areas of the stadium bowl and facilitate retrospective zoom-ins, which can be valuable when investigating incidents and identifying those involved,’ states Section 5.4 of the FIFA Stadium Guidelines, underlining the need for cutting-edge security measures.

This is where Dallmeier’s Panomera cameras step in, armed with multifocal-sensor technology, established in the market for well over ten years – albeit still a game-changer in the field of stadium security.

Combining multiple sensors in one optical unit

Dallmeier’s Panomera cameras are at the forefront of stadium security technology, thanks to unique and patented multifocal-sensor technology.

This innovation revolutionises the surveillance landscape by enabling high resolution monitoring of expansive areas without compromising on crucial details.

This is achieved by combining up to eight optical sensors in one optical “Panomera” unit and stitching the single images of those sensors into one big video image.

The result is a perfect overview of even the largest grand stand areas while being able to zoom in into any detail area, as often as necessary and in parallel.

And, this capability is available both in live surveillance as well as in the recording.

Multifocal-sensor technology also equips stadium security teams with the ability to respond rapidly to incidents and monitor vulnerable areas in real time.

It seamlessly combines maximum overview with the highest detail resolution. This means personnel can act swiftly when it matters most.

User-friendly operation

One of the standout features of Panomera cameras is ease of use.

These cameras have been designed with the end user in mind, allowing staff to efficiently monitor stadiums and arenas. In smaller venues, often just one operator can manage the entire surveillance system.

The intuitive user interface facilitates quick transitions between various area positions and viewing angles.

Cost-effective surveillance

Perhaps paradoxically, Panomera technology provides heightened security at a lower total cost of ownership for stadium video surveillance.

Traditional systems often require an extensive network of cameras, resulting in substantial expenses – not just for the cameras themselves but also for cabling, networking equipment and storage – not to mention staff.

Panomera, on the other hand, minimises the number of cameras required, significantly reducing the overall surveillance infrastructure costs.

Precision in identifying offenders

Panomera technology offers an unmatched level of overview and monitoring precision.

It excels in tracking all fans within the stadium and effectively monitors high risk areas, including entrances, visitor blocks as well as the perimeter.

These cameras deliver images with unparalleled clarity, meeting the exact requirements of operators and authorities.

This empowers organisers and security personnel to quickly detect any suspicious activities and take immediate action.

A global stamp of approval

The success and widespread adoption of Dallmeier’s Panomera multifocal-sensor systems is testament to their effectiveness.

These systems have become an indispensable solution for stadium operators and event organisers seeking comprehensive optical coverage of large areas.

Remarkably, Panomera technology is already in use in renowned stadiums worldwide:

  • 70% of all Premier League stadiums have embraced this technology, raising security standards in English football
  • 50% of all first and second Bundesliga stadiums in Germany rely on Panomera to ensure the safety of fans and the integrity of the game
  • Internationally acclaimed venues like Juventus’ Allianz Stadium and SSC Napoli’s Diego Armando Maradona Stadium have also incorporated Panomera technology, further validating its effectiveness

The gold standard for stadium security

As the importance of stadium security continues to grow, multifocal-sensor technology such as Dallmeier’s Panomera cameras, has emerged as a transformative solution.

These cameras not only meet the stringent security guidelines set by organisations like FIFA but also offer a user-friendly experience, cost-effective implementation and unparalleled monitoring precision.

With a track record of successful deployments in renowned stadiums worldwide, Panomera technology has become the gold standard for stadium security.

It ensures the safety and enjoyment of sports and entertainment events for fans and spectators alike, ushering in a new era where technology safeguards the heart of the game while offering an unparalleled experience to all.

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