Veridos introduces new mobile app for passport information

Veridos mobile app for passport information

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Veridos, a provider of integrated identity solutions, has announced a new solution for facilitating seamless travel; VeriGO MobileTravel Assist enables users to transfer personal data from their electronic passport to their smartphone via an app, which afterwards can be used to register for travel, apply for visas or provide personal information to healthcare applications.

Transferring data

According to the company, with the VeriGO MobileTravel Assist app for Android and iOS, users can read personal data from the chip of their ePassport via NFC (near field communication), store it on their smartphone and transfer it to websites, apps and readers used by public authorities, tour operators or airports.

Veridos says that special wallet functions enable the management and transfer of multiple passport data sets, such as those of family members, in one go. The solution meets governmental requirements for handling personal information, as the data is completely protected by the app. It stores sensitive information in a dedicated space and establishes secure connections to the target systems for their transfer.

The company says that as VeriGO MobileTravel Assist does not require manual transmission of passport data, users save a lot of effort and time. Eliminating the need to switch between different media also minimises opportunities for error. Recipients receive high-quality, signed and verifiable data for further processing in their systems. Since the records contain passport photos, they can also be used for personal visual checks.


VeriGO MobileTravel Assist fully complies with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for digital travel credentials (DTC). This ensures the international compatibility of the solution with the systems of the data recipients – even if they are of official origin. All that is required to receive the data is the integration of a backend server and a front-end plug-in. The already well-established Veridos’ digital travel authorisation solution VeriGO SmartTravel is already equipped with the VeriGO MobileTravel Assist functionality as an optional feature.

“With VeriGO MobileTravel Assist, passports go mobile and take the travel experience to a new level. Our solution covers the complete end-to-end process and allows for easy integration into existing online services with minimal effort,” explained Xavier Prost, Head of Identity Management Systems at Veridos.

“That way, it can bring many benefits to identity protection in the digital space, such as preventing from identity fraud, improving accuracy, allow for faster service time and streamline processes. Our solution also ensures secure and GDPR-compliant handling of sensitive passport data at every step, while preserving privacy.”

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