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Veridos introduces advanced digital identity cards in Macau

Veridos - digital identity cards

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Veridos has completed the implementation of the Macau Electronic ID (MEID), an identification system for the Macau Special Administrative Region.

This extensive project, initiated in 2002, involved close collaboration between Veridos and the Macau Government’s DSI (Direcção dos Serviços de Identificação).

Veridos’ innovation

As a component of the enhancement, a centralised personalisation mechanism and a recently implemented Card Application Management System (CAMS) have been introduced.

A significant development is the integration of the Lumen ID Echo security feature into the ID card generation process, marking Macau as the global pioneer in adopting this technology.

Lumen ID Echo seamlessly integrates an improved CLIP ID colour photo into the transparent window area of the ID card.

This marks the debut of the secondary colour image or Lumen ID Echo, alongside the traditional black and white primary image on ID cards.

The innovation builds upon the company‘s CLIP ID colour photo technology, which has been successfully used by various governments globally.

The Macau Electronic ID, operating on Veridos’ JavaCard chip platform (Smartcafé Expert 8.0), introduces advanced features such as biometric identification and a signature function.

Advancement in identification technology

This enhancement aims to provide Macau citizens with expanded access to online government services.

In addition to the new Card Application Management System, Veridos has implemented significant software upgrades to the central personalisation system.

Developed in collaboration with partners, the updated system architecture not only supports new ID cards but also integrates additional security features.

This milestone signifies a notable advancement in identification technology for the Macau Special Administrative Region.

“Security features with innovative design”

Marc-Julian Siewert , CEO, Veridos commented: “With the delivery of the MEID cards, we successfully close another chapter in the cooperation between Veridos and Macau, which has been setting new trends in government document security worldwide since 2002.

“With the ID cards now delivered, as well as the technology ecosystem, Macau continues to be a global trendsetter, combining the latest security features with innovative design.”

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