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Veridium application now available in AWS Marketplace


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Veridium has announced its solution is now available in the AWS Marketplace, an engagement that provides complete cloud services and a management portfolio to Veridium’s enterprise customers and prospects. This expanded relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help businesses redefine strong authentication by increasing security, without the additional complexity and friction associated with legacy solutions. Veridium also joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Select Technology Partner. Veridium’s APN status and availability in the AWS Marketplace can facilitate a strategic relationship with the financial services and fintech community who have embraced AWS for their offerings.

Veridium provides key capabilities for enterprise customers including a multi-factor authentication platform for employee, consumer and transaction verification, innovative biometric authentication including facial, fingerprint and behaviour, a digital mobile-first approach and a streamlined integration to digital services and applications.

Veridium integrates with heterogeneous applications both on-premises and cloud-based and uses a multi-modal biometric approach designed to reduce the complexity of authenticating digital identity. Moving from the more expensive, manual method of implementing data centre hardware and software, allows customers to benefit from the authentication platform in a fraction of the time.

John Spencer, Chief Product Officer at Veridium comments: “As an APN Select Technology Partner, Veridium joins a global network to benefit from an array of tools, training and support for enterprise customers to build efficient solutions on AWS.

“Making our solution available in the AWS Marketplace brings the usual cost efficiencies associated with migrating an application to the cloud, teamed with an exceptional level of flexibility and simplicity – all in a secure setting. The computing power of the cloud environment provided is vast, with the unique ability to expand and detract based on demand, meaning customers only pay for what they use.

“In the same way the App Store brought simplicity for the distribution of apps on mobile devices, the AWS Marketplace greatly simplifies the process for businesses wishing to integrate Veridium’s authentication platform. Now the thousands of companies on AWS Marketplace wishing to integrate Veridium’s solutions can do so without in-house technical expertise, greatly simplifying the customer onboarding experience with a ready-made application available at the click of a button.”

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