Vemotion enhances video and audio transmission solution

Vemotion enhances video and audio transmission solution

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Vemotion Interactive has confirmed the availability of its new version of VB-OEM.

The newly upgraded solution is capable of transmitting video and audio over cellular, satellite or wired networks and is both powerful and cost-effective.

According to Vemotion, the enhanced VB-OEM offers multi-channel streaming and recording which also boasts the ability to support analog and IP cameras.

VB-OEM: Offering space efficiency and uninterrupted transmission

Designed for CCTV camera, networking and analytics manufacturers as well as systems integrators wishing to add OEM streaming capability to their own product offerings, the Vemotion single board VB-OEM is extremely space efficient.

The new VB-OEM SBC board with Amlogic A311D2 SoC, 2.2GHz quad core ARM Cortex-A73 and 2.0GHz quad core Cortex-A53 CPU is equipped with Vemotion’s Linux real time video encoding, on-board recording and transmission software.

Moreover, when integrated into third party video solutions, it ensures efficient transmission over the most challenging of network conditions.

Customised software can also be added to support systems for local management.

“A premium product available at a competitive price”

“The new VB-OEM is designed to take advantage of modern high-resolution IP cameras and incorporates Vemotion’s latest advanced software features,” commented Steve Haworth, CEO, Vemotion.

“With low latency, more efficient use of available bandwidth and robust streaming, the VB-OEM is a premium product available at a competitive price vs standard video streaming solutions.

“The VB-OEM can equip more products with integrated, highly efficient video streaming capabilities, without the need to purchase additional hardware.”

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