Vector Flow demonstrates next generation AI-driven solutions in Atlanta


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Vector Flow is demonstrating its innovative PIAM and SOC automation solutions here at GSX 2022 in suite 1050. The advanced cloud-enabled and on-premises platform converts raw physical security data from multiple sources into intelligent actionable insights to drive operational performance and business results. The powerful suite of applications automates business processes and workflows to reduce security distractions and corporate risks, allowing users to focus on tasks that really matter to them.

“The ability to analyse and harness the tremendous volume of data being generated by today’s physical security systems presents a significant challenge for security professionals,” said Ajay Jain, Founder and CEO, Vector Flow. “Our powerful and highly intuitive automated platform aggregates data from both structured and unstructured data from myriad systems, devices, logs and journals. It then performs real-time analysis to draw intelligence out of the raw data by applying smart AI algorithms to detect anomalies, trends and KPIs and provides actionable insights, automated remedies and processes.”

Vector Flow is demonstrating three powerful categories of solutions at GSX 2022: Physical Workforce Identity Management, Physical Security Threat Intelligence and Security Operations Centre (SOC) Automation.

Physical Workforce Identity Suite provides insight-rich applications for automating all aspects of an identity lifecycle as it relates to the physical security domain. Designed to deliver a one-credential, one-identity solution across the enterprise, this powerful solution leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automate all identity management tasks such as on/off boarding of an Identity into physical security infrastructure, badging and credentialing, physical access management, access audits and compliance etc.

The AI-enabled software uses learning algorithms to quickly identify and address security gaps and also delivers recommendations for security improvements and user tasks. Physical Workforce Identity Suite leverages its advanced tools set such as Design Studio to manage changes in the application, Playbooks to automate rules, workflows, schedules and tasks and Recommendation Engine to precisely automate user tasks which otherwise would be done manually. For example, the system auto-calculates the required set of physical access for new employees, intelligently recommends areas to be removed when conducting access audits, etc.

A new module recently added to the Physical Workforce Identity Suite is Vector Flow’s Workspace Occupancy application, which enables organisations to effectively track and forecast occupancy by departments, business units, personnel types, peak occupancy, day of the week and more. The applications intuitive dashboard provides users with actionable insights that can be leveraged to identify popular and underutilised spaces and forecast future use of valuable space.

Vector Flow’s Workforce Identity Suite also now includes Next-Generation Visitor Management System (VMS) For Enterprises; a comprehensive solution with an easy-to-use application that provides organisations with the capability to manage visitors with provisions for touchless and secure check-in, watch list verifications, badge printing, health screenings, notifications and more.

Physical Security Threat Intelligence comprises of applications whereby the data is collected and processed from security logs, journals, transaction data to understand who the threat actors are and what are the compromised areas in the physical security infrastructure. Using advanced AI and Machine Learning algorithms, the solution uncovers security vulnerabilities and makes risk mitigation recommendations to identify and address operational and security gaps, deliver recommendations for improvements and make hidden details of an enterprise’s physical security operational state visible.

Vector Flow’s Threat Intelligence solution comes with several out-of-the-box connectors with third party systems such as PACS, HR, PIAM, Facility, LDAP/AD and many others to support advanced AI/ML risk algorithms. It also supports ingestion from a wide variety of interfaces such as JSON, XML, REST APIs, CSV, Text, etc. The platform takes advantage of recommendations from the AI/ML engines and converts them into specific actions such as blocking a perpetrator’s access to a site, identifying compromised ports and firmware vulnerabilities, auto-scheduling certain jobs based on certain triggers, updating configuration data and more.

Information is presented through Vector Flow’s Risk Dashboard which provides insights into operational and security risks using simple visuals to depict key risk indicators. The Dashboard serves as a common platform to share KPIs and risk analysis across departments, improving collaboration between physical and cyber security teams. 

By using Vector Flow’s Risk Dashboards, customers have found compromised access credentials, compromised doors, compromised IOT devices, tailgating incidents from non-employees, devices with default passwords or expired certificates and open ports. The quick identification of risky users, risky access patterns and risky devices that pose insider threats helps physical security teams – and cyber security teams – stay ahead of the security curve.

SOC Automation Suite acts as a security nerve centre, turning raw security data into insights and actions. The application drives actionable intelligence from a customer’s historical and daily physical security data. The solution features three AI-driven modules: SOC Alarm Reduction Manager, SOC Governance Manager and SOC Predictive Maintenance Manager. The modules tie physical security processes together and automate time-consuming, manual tasks effectively increasing the overall productivity of SOC operators/agents, while maintaining compliance through data-generated reports and decreasing downtime of connected devices and associated maintenance costs.

The Vector Flow platform is built on modern, micro services-based technologies to provide customers with a robust, future-proof technology that comes with Design Studios so the customer can make changes on their own. Legacy players take an extended time to deploy their PIAM product with limited scalability, hard coded static rules, have done very little to ensure data integrity and are very rigid in customer-centric customisation. By contrast, the Vector Flow platform can be deployed in a matter of weeks versus months (or even years) that legacy players take. The platform’s AI based recommendation engine cuts down on time to deploy and manage the application and dramatically improves the user experience.

Already deployed at several Fortune 500 customers, the Vector Flow platform is on track to save the user millions of dollars in direct costs over the course of the contract, while increasing overall security operations productivity, compliance to regulations and delivering valuable service to the enterprise. A world’s largest Telecom company utilises Vector Flow’s platform to automate over 500,000 Identities across the world with over 65,000 doors having multiple physical access control systems.

This company saved millions of dollars in direct cost due to Vector Flows automated technology. The Company also streamlined all access audit tasks with no exceptions. Another prominent networking products company reduced their false and nuisance alarm counts by over 80% with tangible ROI in a few months without any human touch or masking of any alarms.

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