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Vanderbilt adds third-party Biometric readers to access control portfolio

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Vanderbilt has announced the addition of three ZKTeco Biometric readers into its access control portfolio.

The latest addition to the ever-growing access control portfolio comes off the back of the launch of the company’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers, plus the inclusion of Akuvox’s IP Door Entry Phones into their collection of products. As with the BLE readers, the Biometric readers integrate with Vanderbilt’s access control ACT Enterprise software, version 2.10 or later.

The ZKTeco Biometric readers that now integrate with Vanderbilt’s ACT Enterprise are the MA300, the SF420 and the SLK20R. These readers are renowned for their fast and accurate fingerprint algorithm, easy installation and connectivity and smooth operation and management.

Speaking on the MA300 fingerprint reader, Paul McCarthy, Product Manager at Vanderbilt, explains, “The MA300 offers unparalleled performances by adopting an advanced ZK fingerprint algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. It comes in a metallic casing and is IP65 rated. This means it is resistant to water, dust and other outside damages. As such, this makes the MA300 ideal for both internal and external mounting scenarios.”

Turning to the SF420, McCarthy states that the SF420, “Brings the flexibility to be installed as a standalone or with any third-party panels that support 26-bit Wiegand.

“Both the SF420 and MA300,” McCarthy continues, “Possess one-touch-a-second user recognition and can store 1,500 templates. But while the SF420 can host 5,000 cards and 80,000 transactions, the MA300 can take on an additional 5,000 cards more and 20,000 additional transactions.”

Adding further weight to the advantages of the MA300, it also contains full access control features with anti-passback, an access control interface for third-party electric locks, a door sensor, an exit button, an alarm and a doorbell. Moreover, it works with ACT Mifare Classic cards. The SF420 also works with ACT Mifare Classic cards, but only UID versions.

The final addition to the portfolio is the SLK20R. For the MA300 and the SF420 to work with ACT Enterprise software, one enrolment reader, the SLK20R, is required. The SLK20R primarily operates by capturing the fingerprint template into the ACT Enterprise software and then the template is distributed to the readers on a network via IP.

These new Biometric readers can be enrolled by an administrator card when the device works in standalone mode. TCP/IP and RS485 are available so that the devices can be connected quickly and conveniently.

A license is also required to work with ACT Enterprise. ACTE-Bio licenses are sold as a per door license.

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