UVS upgrades Synectics’ HQ demo facility

UVS upgrades Synectics

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Ultimate Visual Solutions (UVS) has completed a refresh and upgrade at Synectics’ Sheffield, UK headquarters demonstration facility.

UVS, led by four senior colleagues with over 80 years of combined experience in audio visual, control room and visual solutions, has partnered with Synectics, a provider of tailored solutions for industries requiring robust security and surveillance, including gaming, oil and gas, public spaces, transport and critical infrastructure.

UVS and Synectics integrated

The project enables full integration of Synectics’ Synergy security and surveillance software platform with UVS‘s lucidity video wall controller technology, facilitating demonstrations for joint system integration partners and end clients.

Both companies have collaborated closely for over 16 years to deliver joint control room solutions.

The newly installed setup features a 3×2 46-inch video wall comprising extremely narrow bezel LCDs, powered by a Lucidity WBC70 video wall controller.

Additionally, a Lucidity 7-inch desk touch panel facilitates quick and easy launching of video wall layouts during client demonstrations.

“A testament to the quality of the solution”

Steve Murphy, Managing Director, UVS stated: “The newly-installed system demonstrates the detailed integration between the Synergy platform and UVS Lucidity video wall controller technology, for displaying multiple IP camera streams, key workstation application data, website and URL data, such as key dashboards, message box data and information from remote workstations and virtual machines.”

David Aindow, Global Business Strategy Director, Synectics also added: “UVS and Synectics have completed a wide range of security control room installations, in sectors including public space, government high security facilities and high security prisons.

“Both companies are also involved in numerous upgrades of existing client installations.

“The original demonstration facility was installed in 2013 and it is a testament to the quality of the solution that it was still operational until the recent decommissioning.”

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