Using GPS alongside training modules to mitigate security risk


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Security teams manage more than just guards; onsite workers and employees across all departments need securing even if a few are working remotely. Not to mention the management of day to day activities that occur inside and outside of the premises.

Alongside GPS tracking, we’ve seen security operators upscale their training across all parts of their operations. When it comes to safely managing guards, their training and maintaining privacy compliance (GDPR), Trackforce Valiant’s expertise makes everything possible. Here’s how GPS technology and configurable training modules work together.

GPS allows for remote supervision

In maintaining compliance, GPS technology, alongside CCTV and visitor management systems, will help supervisors track their operation’s status while also honouring their guard’s privacy and safety. This includes visualising tour checkpoints, guards scheduled to be on a shift and all of the general day-to-day processes of managing a site’s security.

GPS enabled device location

GPS technology provides security operators with real-time feedback on where their security team is in proximity to any checkpoints or patrols their guards are scheduled to complete.

A GPS enabled device can help uphold a company’s legitimate interests by ensuring operational safety is met. In reviewing a guard’s location status in real-time, supervisors will know whether a guard missed a scanned tag checkpoint as well as a guard’s proximity to an emergency on site.

GPS location tracking coupled with a command centre, supervisors can have a visual of their team’s location on a command centre map.

Tracking and monitoring lone or solitary workers

When a guard is working alone, extra attention must be given to their safety. Constant vigilance is possible when a GPS enabled device uses Lone Worker Protection.

Lone Worker Protection, or LWP, is a feature specific to a comprehensive security workforce management solution. LWP uses a device’s GPS location to allow for a continuous thread of communication and support from supervisors to solitary workers.

The tracked GPS information is then visualised on a Command Centre map and will show a guard’s location, so the guard is never alone. If a lone worker is in need of help, LWP automatically jumps in with tilt detection, manual panic alarm, true fall detection and a danger zone timer. This ensures that security operators are connected to a guard’s safety status at all times.

Configurable training modules make It easier for contactless training

For contactless training, it’s important to remember that comprehensive security guard training modules are configurable. This means they’re adaptable for any use. Digital training modules help security operators mitigate risk and maintain health guidelines for their remote team.

When training is configurable, security operators have the flexibility to create modules that are scalable and accessible to guards and supervisors when needed.

How configurable training modules work

Security guard training modules focus on easing the transition from paper training to digital. What’s more important, digital training modules make remote guarding across multiple sites entirely possible.

When onboarding newly hired guards, supervisors can view a guard’s job skills with direct access to their resume and training information. This ensures that supervisors can easily train new hires without having to physically visit a site, resulting in assured contactless training and time recuperation.

Manage a new normal workforce

Using GPS to locate security teams on patrol requires the use of technologies not just as separate entities, but as a unified whole. Only a system tailor-made for the security industry can accomplish just that.

Here are a few ways security operators can benefit from using GPS to mitigate risks:

  1. Gain situational awareness over all your sites
  2. Know where your guards are at all times
  3. Ensure supervisors can easily track and dispatch guards during critical events


GPS provides real-time feedback on guard location, that way, supervisors can always know where guards are while also remotely tracking, visualising and controlling guard activity and actions.

With the help of a security workforce management system, here’s a list of things security companies can do right now to ensure comprehensive guard training on any remote site:

  • Link mandatory trainings to security posts
  • Keep track of your officers’ courses taken and certifications
  • View CVs and skills
  • View directory of all your guards
  • Quick access to skills/resume and training information
  • See expired or about to expire trainings/certifications
  • Be alerted when guards working a restricted post without the proper mandatory training

Where can I get more information?

Trackforce Valiant is an expert in helping security operators bring out their team’s full potential. With over 30 years of experience, our solution meets the most stringent compliance standards set by GDPR and other privacy laws. We are a trusted advisor to our client to meet these regulations in EU and other jurisdictions.

Adapting your security operations

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