US cities to deploy OMNIQ smart vehicle identification solution


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AI-based solutions provider OMNIQ has confirmed that the US cities of Mitchellville, Iowa and Jewell, Iowa have chosen to deploy the company’s Q Shield Safe City System.

Built on vehicle recognition systems (VRS) technology and its cloud-based citation management platform, OMNIQ’s Q Shield identifies any vehicle driving through these cities which is on a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

In addition, the system is capable of identifying any vehicle which is on the local Bureau of Investigations Database as well as those who drive through the city with outstanding traffic violations. After making a positive identification, the system notifies law enforcement and local authorities, enabling proactive action to be taken and therefore preventing risks from becoming events.

Q Shield is used by law enforcement as a force multiplier and a strong investigation tool. The system will also identify additional alerts such as for unregistered vehicles.

Shai Lustgarten, CEO commented: “With continued momentum in our Safe City product, Q Shield, we are excited to expand our footprint in the state of Iowa. With the addition of Mitchellville and Jewell, we now have 16 cities under contract nationwide.

“Our pipeline continues to grow both in Iowa and in several other states across the country. This is significant for not only our company but also for the people and communities who have trusted our technology to improve everyday lives with an unbiased approach.

“In addition to added protection, each city benefits financially with the use of our Vehicle Recognition Technology adding to the overall impact of partnering with OMNIQ.

“We look forward to continuing the momentum and achieving significant recurring revenue for many years to come.”

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