UK, Australia and US strengthen security partnership

UK, Australia and US

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Defence Ministers representing the UK, Australia and US recently met to further accelerate plans for a new and major security collaboration.

“Collaborative capabilities”

Described in a press release as a ‘landmark security partnership’, the new agreement is set to advance groundbreaking programs on ‘threat detection, quantum technology and autonomous systems’. 

UK Defence Secretary, Grant Shapps, Australian Deputy Prime Minister, Richard Marles and US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, spoke at the Defense Innovation Unit Headquarters in California, US.

The three officials underscored the potential to tackle global security challenges by building stronger connections between the nations’ respective Armed Forces.

Looking to strengthen security in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond, Shapps, Marles and Austin unveiled plans for new exercises that would enhance the collaborative capabilities of each nation.

“We have strengthened our alliance”

“Today AUKUS enters a new phase,” Shapps commented.

“Together with our partners in the US and Australia we have strengthened our alliance to bring our Armed forces closer than ever and ensure our nations are protected from new and advanced threats.

“As the world becomes more dangerous, AUKUS only becomes more important in ensuring the UK and our allies maintain a strategic advantage.

“That’s why we’ve today driven forward joint programs on threat detection, quantum technology and autonomous systems.

“This progress will radically improve our shared ability to tackle emerging threats and demonstrates our commitment to making our militaries more lethal, more connected and more prepared.”

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